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About this website

About this website Helmut B Retzek, 2. Feb. 1963 – Austria

I am a physician in my own clinic in Austria / EU since 23 years. Befor I finished my MD I did 8 years in basic biochemical and molecular-biological research at our Vienna University and for 2 years at the UVA in Edmondon / Candada. I am working together with my beloved wife Lenna, whome I met at the UVA in Canada sharing my dedication and passion to learn and research.

In my clinic we combine regular medicine with functional medicine and CAM-methods. In the past 23 years I attended about 280 training-courses


eg with: Dr. Spinedi / CH (classical homeopathy), Dr. Rajan Sankaran / IND homeopathy, Dr. Jan Scholten / Holland Homeopathy, Dr. Yoshiaki Omura / US BDORT, Dr. Klinghardt / US ART, Dr. Simon Yu / US AMA & parasite treatment, Dr. Friedrich Douwes / GER and Dr. Wolfgang Koestler / AT advanced integrative oncology, Renzo Celani Light-Kinesiology, Doz. Lahodny /AT Ozone, Prof. Cicero Coimbra / BR high-dose VitD  and many many more –> refer to the list of courses that I did.


As a research-member I love pubmed and scholar and discover again and again that newest research offers us practicionars much knowledge and treatment options. I am also learning from EVERY patient.

Lenna Retzek, learning AMA from Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis / US

Also: Whenever I hear from a patient about a collegue who does “miracle cures” I have to go and learn from him, thats our hobby and our holidays – I am blessed that my wife shares my passion!

I started about 20 years ago my german language website collecting research knowledge and expieriences from courses / seminars / conferences and especially from my patients. My german website hosts now > 2000 pages packed with research information and I use it as my resource of knowledge.

My english-speaking friends convinced my to translate parts of it into English (tx google)!

I intend no financial benefits – actually I carry all costs myself. Being fully booked from the first day I opened my office I also have not intent to get patients via my website. 

Anyone trying: It’s difficult to reach me as I get > 100 emails every day and cannot handle them any longer. The only safe way is to call up the office.

Finally: I am dyslexic already in German and you will see in pretty every sentence that English is not my mother tongue. But: my information is honest, unbiased, mostly new and unique in as far as I have such a broad spectrum of educations and understandings:

from bioenergetic techniques to stem cells and molecular biology, from surgery to homeopathy, from chemotherapy to light-healing: and we try everything in our office and are thus able to find out the real value of a method. 


Our present treatment philosophy is: bioenergetic testing and using mainly regular medical drugs. 

We found with the help of many patients following rules

Intoxications, EMF-Stress & mental stress as well as Teeth-Problems (cavitations and root canals) lead to weakening of immune system. Then we get populated by virus (EBV…) and parasites and finally the deadly mixture of Lyme+Coinfection. That leads to everything else. 

Our approach

Our approach is bioenergetic testing according to Klinghardt, Omura, Simon Yu and our own wonderful and unique RAC-test, thus removing the obstacles of cure (heavy metals, teeth, EMF, organ functianal weakness) and only then start treating the infections. In our hands the Antibiotics work better than biological medicin – maybe we have not quite hit the right mixture.

But we are learning, studiing and improving!

Tx for passing by – please subscribe my blog (right sidebar) and share the message. Helmut B Retzek, Austria



New Research Posts

stemcell therapy using homeopathy – a great new therapy principle

"homeopathic stem cell therapy" the term is misleading but arguably the most appropriate. We owe it to the great homeopath Eckart Seherr-Thohs, who unfortunately died much to early, for drawing our attention to a small...

Long COVID – connex to Mast Cell Activation Syndrom

Long Covid is the name used for persistent complaints - even for many months - after infection with coronavirus with serious restrictions on quality of life: In England / UK, every fourth Covid patient suffers...

Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease

During my research time in Canada at the UVA, I was allowed to take part in lectures on prion diseases, at that time the CJD prion had not yet been identified, but it was...

Amyotrophe Lateral Sclerosis was actually Babesiosis and Borreliosis

We - our office - are constantly seeking deeper understanding and also treatment of "complex chronic diseases", e.g. Multiple Sclerosis or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or other neurological issues that remained unnamed. Following here a study...

Corona-Virus: the solution is available but NIH, FDH and CDC seems to ignore it

a highly decorated US expert - an intensive care physician & internist & pulmonologist - who "cries out loudly" and presents an prophylactic and therapeutic solution for the coronavirus in front of a Senate...

Ivermectin also great antiviral drug – useful even against Coronavirus

IVERMECTIN (parasite drug) was recently discovered to be a broad-spectrum antiviral agent: Coronavirus (Covid-19), HIV, yellow fever, dengue, CMV, EBV and HPV are significantly inhibited by it. In addition to the anti-parasite effect and...

Successfully improving autism with a VitD preparation

Immuno D ® has been an insider tip "among us holistic doctors" so far. As it is patented now, we can talk about it. ImmunoD is interleukin-42 and molecularly it is a protein-stabilized Vitamin...

Mastcell Activation Syndrom – connex to Bartonellosis

Article is a summary of a long interview by Scott Forescren with Dr. Tania Dempsey, MD in New York on Bartonellosis and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Bartonelles are the difficult "Lyme" patients Many patients with chronic...

Disulfiram against Borrelia and Babesia – facts and research

Disulfiram is an ancient drug that has been on the market for ages and could represent an important innovation for the tortured Lyme / coinfection patients. According to eminent Lyme practitioners from the USA,...

Lyme: what to do with Jarisch-Herxheimer

Spirochetes (Bakterias) when killed produce a strong inflammatory reaction in the patient: Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction. This is the reason why chronic lyme-patients under antibiotics get worse, even more than befor the antibiotic treatment for quite a...

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – there could be an effective treatment

We have been working now for some months with a completely new approach to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis after having treated about 50 cases unsuccessfully in the last 20 years.  First results with 2 patients under...

drugs that actually help against CORONAVIRUS pneumonia

Blood pressure medication LOSARTAN and malaria medication CHLOROQUINE-Phosphat or HYDROXYCHLOROPHINE can be used for the treatment of CORONA virus interstitial pneumonia successfully.   Abstract The present Coronavirus CoVid19 docks to the lung cells using angiotensin converting enzyme...

Toxoplasmosis – might be responsible for Lyme and Amyotrophic Lateralsclerosis and more

In one of the most exciting books in recent years, a german doctor describes numerous detailed patient cases to present the infectious parasite Toxoplasmosis as an mostly overlooked cause of certain - previously untreatable...

My Cancercure Rocks

a US cancer patient "completely metastasized" receives a worm medication from his veterinarian and can thus make his incurable stage 4 lung cancer disappear. A pharmaceutical scientist found this by accident and healed herself...

Pancreatic Carcinoma: fungal infection a driving factor – cancer and infection

Pancreatic cancer: the tissue is 3,000 times more contaminated with fungi (especially Malassezia). Fungal treatment improved the OST. Slow pancreatic carcinomas could even be arrested in the mouse model by treatment of the mycobiome...

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