Keto drink: ketogenic high-calorie Schlemmer meal – extremely filling, great for cancer therapy, diabetes or just to lose weight

Dr. Johannes Coy – discoverer of the TKTL1 gene and author of several books for optimal cancer nutrition has developed a keto drink that his patients use for chemotherapy.

Johannes Coy (c) his homepage

Studies by Dr. med. Johannes Coy shows: only 25% of relapses compared to “normal eating” patients when patients perform chemo or radiation in the ketogenic state (thanks to this keto drink easily possible).

With keto-adjuvated chemotherapy even pancreatic carcinoma could be cured for a long time!

“The professors in Cologne and Tübigen are currently tearing me over for joint studies, everyone wants to be the first to publish 20 cured pancreatic carcinoma patients, which is now possible thanks to the keto drink!” Dr. Coy, Sept 2015 in Salzburg

With the Ketodrink one does not need fasting and can nevertheless starve the cancer during the traditional medical therapy simply around this fantastic active strengthening of the

Our problem in Austria – we do not get the original Coy-Ketodrink so easily. Therefore ……… we just do it ourselves!

Recipe of homemade keto drink

  • 1 beaker whipping cream: organic and possibly lactose-free = 250ml

    whipping cream has only a little milk protein, we tolerate it for this indication here, so in the case of the hormone-dependent tumors breast / prostate a strict milk ban applies, then you take:

    Alternative for whipped cream: coconut milk from the tin

  • 3 tbsp olive oil (bio)
  • 3 tablespoons of linseed oil (organic)
  • 3 tablespoons whole
  • 1/8l tap water
  • if available then add 2 tablespoons of caprylic acid oil = MCT oil = Bulletproof “Brain Octane” oil or similar, if you do not have it you could take coconut oil or just omit it.

mix vigorously with the hand blender to create a pudding-like consistency,

This comes from the wonderfully anti-cancer linseed = Budwig diet -> I wrote a post yesterday about my wonderful Flaxseed-mayo.

Want it a bit more creamy – or even pudding alike?

Works wonderful, absolute healthy: add 1-3 tablespoons of psyllium husks if you have them at home, just stir them in with the spoon.

This makes the “pudding” but if you add too much it will turn out relatively firm and creates the consistency and taste of a cream-pie filling. Actually very good to take to the hospital.

If you add a handful of raspberries or strawberries, they are so low in sugar that they will not break the ketosis.

Sweeten it up using with erythritol  or Erythrit sweet – please no birch sugar / xylose, because it is antibiotic effective and ruins the intestinal flora, but I find the sugar taste superfluous, my keto drink tastes just great without any sugar!

Enjoy the video of the production and the included explanation

Source of special KETO oil “Caprylic Acid Oil C8”

This oil is tasteless, like any other oil to use and is super well absorbed and nourishes the brain instead of glucose. My children use this oil every day, because they learn a lot better with it!

An alternative: just use coconut oil, emulsify well, makes sure a great taste.

One of the two fits, but please also ask in the health food store for “Bulletproof C8 Caprylic Acid Oil” and if possible do not use normal MCT, where the important proportion of caprylic acid is often below 10%

Cancer gene TKTL1, Warburg metabolism, sugar metabolism and acid excess ….

Dr. Coy gives a beautiful summary of the anti-cancer diet on his website.

Thankfully, he has also grouped a beautifully formatted grocery list for cancer patients in

GREEN (unlimited amount of food),
YELLOW (specified maximum amount) and
RED (forbidden) foods



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