We have been working now for some months with a completely new approach to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis after having treated about 50 cases unsuccessfully in the last 20 years. 

First results with 2 patients under the new protocol are cautiously encouraging, though it is to early to make stronger or even prognostic statements.

  • Both patients reached now normal to low creatinin-kinasis, a muscle enzyme that is basically always increased in ALS,
  • got a slight reduction of fasciculation,
  • improvement of energy and
  • slight improvement of motion.
  • a bulbar patients claims to talk a bit better.

Now if you are dealing with this terrible disease, however, every silver lining on the horizon is worth testing and talking about.

Everyone knows already: “individual cases” count little to nothing to the medical system, i.e. serious statements can only be made and are only accepted by collegues in the context of a case control study with a statistically relevant number of patients.


We start a case observation collection

A collection of cases is planned with initially 50 patients with confirmed amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (any subtype) open end with an annual assessment by a neurologist.


What do we offer

  • Anamnesis by Dr. Retzek (live or zoom) – about 2h
  • Regular laboratory examinations (cheep standard blood work, via a standard laboratory) necessary (initially weekly, after one month monthly)
  • An initial examination as well as annual examinations for a number of special oxidative stress parameters are carried out by the Institute for Laboratory Sciences Prof. Greilberger, Graz. For Patients outside Europe we are still looking for a lab but I guess it should not be of a problem to send blood within one week to Prof. Greilberger.

The treatment is carried out with the off-label (repurposed) application of established, conventional medicinal medicines that have been used millions of times for decades in a low or regular standard dosage as well as some orthomolecular food supplements.

How I can prescribe medications in the US or UK I dont know, but my friend Dr. Simon Yu / US or Dr. Shabir Pandor / UK or Dr. Elmar Jung / UK will be helpful for sure!

In addition, we also offer patients that visit us in person an assessment of dental foci (cavitations), heavy metal detox measurements as well as assessment and therapy of infectious causes (Lyme disease, toxoplasmosis, parasitoses according to Dr. Simon Yu).

we are a small “private practice” for functional / orthomolecular medicine

We are no university. For this reason we are unable to carry out a correct “study protocol” with all the legal requirements (registration, ethics committee, free treatments, free lab stuff etc.). Given the seriousness of this disease and the helplessness, we still feel obliged to contribute with our knowledge and know-how.

Treatment modalities

For this reason, we offer patients paid participation in this case observation treatment at a reduced price. As a private physicians clinic, we unfortunately cannot comply with the official study guidelines for free study participation. Since the medicines used are patent-free conventional medical preparations, no financing from a big pharma company is possible.

However, with a 20% discount on our standard tariff, we are below the cost price, more discount is not possible, since I carry a business with 6 employees and running costs, the salaries of which I pay alone with my fees (200, – per 40min).

Prof. Greilberger, Univ. Graz also offered a 20% discounted tariff for his special tests (Rantes, carbonyl proteins, malondialdehyde, hydroxynonenal, lipid peroxides, oxidized LDL, nitrotyrosine) (220, -).

The (monthly) laboratory examinations are health insurance covered in Austria, as are the medications in our country, food supplements are to be paid for yourself – approx. 30-50, – per month. Lab-Work : Blood-count, Thrombocytes, Liver, Kidney, CK, CRP 

Your contribution

If you are interested in participating, you are obliged to make your health data available in an anonymous, incomprehensible form in the context of a publication of this case collection and, if necessary, you stay available for a follow-up examination of the course of your case by neurological specialists.

Medical Association – Disclaimer

I am still accused by the Chamber of Physicians of “exclaiming excellency” to reach more patients.

Since I have been fully booked since I started my practice in 1997 and have to reject many patients, the implicit allegation of patient recrutiment is completely absurd. The reporting of potentially helpful treatment options vie my websites for otherwise unchanging disease courses,

  • such as macular degeneration (-> blindness) or
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (-> death)
  • chronic toxoplasmosis (-> mutilating permanent pain)
  • and much more

is even an ethical obligation and should be demanded, encouraged and supported by the medical association!

But surely: I really cannot reject excellence: this is objectively represented by my many publications, research work at the University in Vienna and Canada, the co-founding of a specialist journal, lectures at home and abroad, and a long number of training courses. I never had to pretend this self-evident fact, this is simply obvious.

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    • sorry to answer so late, my english speaking website is pretty uncared because I am so busy. Well, we are doing it in our office, but it never reached the stage of a real study because of lack of participants

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