Dr Osman Kibarfrom Biosplice , is about to receive approval for a completely new stem cell therapy : the knees of 10,000 patients were already regenerated with just one injection. Comparable clinical trials are ongoing for ruptured vertebral discs, tendon injuries, hair loss, Alzheimer’s brains and even cancer.

dr Osman Kibar, incredible inventor

In a few years, this development will change medicine more than we could ever have dreamed of.


secret superstar revolutionizes medicine all by himself

dr Osman Kibar is a Turkish-born internet self-made billionaire , doctor, scientist.

Super clever, he won the EUROPEAN Mathematics Olympiad in Turkey as a high school student, then emigrated to the USA and became a billionaire there through several startups that he sold to Pfizer etc. In his spare time he plays and wins poker tournaments.

dr With his company Samumed / Biosplice, Kibar has figured out the WNT stem cell control mechanism .


This genetic “wnt” mechanism is evolutionarily biologically completely conserved – the fruit fly uses exactly the same proteins as humans for exactly the same function. That means everything that works in the experimental cells and experimental animals also works in humans!

” We have developed or found small control molecules ” with which this stem cell control mechanism can be completely controlled very easily, “this has escaped the attention of all other scientists so far. With this we can switch the body’s own stem cells on or off in their activity , “that works absolutely specifically, normal cells simply do not react to these molecules and they leave the body within an hour because they are so small”.

(c) https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/132056570


They have been working “in secret” for 8 years for patent reasons and have been working very closely with the US FDA on clinical trials for 4 years now. The LORECIVIVINT knee syringe is now in a PHASE3 clinical trial

For the first time, Dr. Kibar went public at the 2018 Vatican stem cell conference and blew everyone away in complete disbelief. 


I only found out about it through Tony Robbins’ new book.

“We are able to regenerate ANY TISSUE…”

but have specialized in 8 areas for the time being – due to the many necessary clinical trials which we are now slowly pushing through the official channels of FDA clinical trials.

Joints, intervertebral discs, pulmonary fibrosis, oncology – various cancers, Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s and other tauopathies are already in clinical trials or are about to be.

  • Lorecivivint : knee arthrosis, hip arthrosis, shoulder arthrosis
  • Cirtuvivint : Lung cancer, hormone-resistant prostate cancer, colon cancer, hematologic cancer, other solid tumors
  • Neurovivint (??) (no name officially released yet): Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, other “tauopathies”


in 10,000 applications on humans so far, not a single side effect has occurred

Incredible effectiveness. With Lorecivivint, a SINGLE INJECTION into the KNEE is given and within 6 months a NEW YOUNG HEALTHY CARTILAGE grows !

the joint gap normalizes after 24 weeks: on the damaged inside it rises by 1-2 mm, on the healthy outside it sinks accordingly because new cartilage has grown inside


broken disc

in the middle of these 3 photos is the degenerated intervertebral disc, complete loss of the “gel cushion” (nucleus) that is beautifully visible on the left, rebuilt quite properly after 6 weeks with a single injection of Lorecivivint .


tendon damage

in the middle the damaged TENDO, which on the right in the picture was only treated with a CREAM made of “small molecules” – after 3 weeks it was completely regenerated by stem cells



pulmonary fibrosis

by treatment with “small molecule” drugs – inhaled daily – the fibroblast stem cells can be inhibited to such an extent that the fibrosis resolves again (4 weeks of inhalation)


hair follicles in the scalp

beautiful regeneration of the hair follicles after 1 week of daily use of the stem cell cream (made of small molecules)


Sensational – complete repair of an Alzheimer’s brain

in the middle of the three pictures below the mouse brain of an Alzheimer’s model , on the right then the complete recovery and dissolution of all TAU/ß-amyloid protein deposits after 12 weeks a pill with stem cell control molecules twice a day


Incredible effectiveness on cancer

Cancer must constantly grow to “stay alive”. By inhibiting stem cells specifically for cancer cells, the cancer can be made to disappear.

A pill containing “Small Molecules” every day for 4 weeks makes a large colon cancer (mouse) disappear. Cirtuvivint is now in the first clinical tests.


tested this effectiveness on a wide range of tumors, especially all those that are actually hardly curable with conventional medicine, such as pancreatic cancer, advanced prostate cancer, lung cancer …..




How does this WNT pathway work?

this central stem cell regulatory pathway is slowly lost with age.

The consequences are then caused by senescent cells DEGENERATIVE diseases, PROLIFERATIVE diseases (cancer ….), INFLAMMATORY diseases .

We also know all this as SENESZENZ episodes and appreciate the possibilities of SENOLYSE .

(I was able to eliminate my cardiac arrhythmia and cardiomyopathy that have existed for 4 years with my own senolysis, I will write an article about it as soon as I have the next blood values).


through small molecules, which can penetrate the skin as a cream, for example, and are immediately excreted by the kidneys (half-life less than 1 hour in the body), Dr. Sibar control the WTN regeneration mechanism. Only the body’s own stem cells – not the “normal body cells” – recognize the molecule and this WNT mechanism can only be addressed in them. 

(c) https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/132056570

The rest is “banal”: the body simply regenerates itself. No foreign stem cells are introduced, no foreign exosomes, etc., etc. – the body’s own stem cells simply take over the repair in a very banal way – as with many young people!



What happens finally

in the laboratory you can regenerate ANY TISSUE , we are talking about a few weeks as you can see from the pictures above.



Anyone who can recognize and extrapolate “patterns” is aware of the incredible scope of this discovery:

  • the dissolution of the medical system as we currently know it
  • Dissolution of the mega pharmaceutical conglomerates
  • serious political changes, complete upheaval of the pension system

none of this can happen without serious socio-political friction. I therefore suspect that the approval process of this 21st century medicine will be blocked and it will only be available to a few super-wealthy or “off-

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