Elastin induction by polyphenols and green tea extract possible


COPD – chronic inflammation -> degradation of elastic fibers

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is an irreversible “terminal condition” of chronic lung tissue inflammation.

Inflammation leads to the release of trypsin and elastases, as well as matrix metalloproteinases -> all digestive enzymes which finally digest the elastic lung scaffold.

root cause

  • eg smoking (tar destroys alpha-antitrypsin -> as a consequence “inflammations can be properly absorbed”)
    Allergic inflammation in the lungs
  • Parasites -> according to dr. Klinghardt, there is hardly a COPD sufferer in whose mucus one can not detect parasites
  • Fungal infections -> Mold fungi, candida and other fungi colonize the lungs much more often than imagined
    repeated bronchitis and pneumonia, v.a. chronically hidden type such as “cold pneumonia” due to mycoplasma and chlamydia
  • probably much more that I can not think of

Worst: when you smoke in a bronchitis or other lung infection. For nicotine addicts necessarily during an infection on chewing gum or plaster change !!!!


the lungs love vitamin C

(c) Pixabay public domain pictures

Through the lungs, lots of oxygen have to pass through, this is known to be quite “toxic” because it tries to burn / oxidize everything. Because of this, you have plenty of vitamin C as an antioxidant and repair agent available.

Vitamin C deficiency states (due to increased consumption: stress, chemotherapy, smoking = 25mg VitC / Cigarette, sports efforts, fever, illnesses, … ..) can lead to reduced lung protection and thus lunge the lung of “oxidation”. (Study 2017, 2016)

COPD’ers said to us after the first drop of VitC infusion, “is that possible? I have the feeling I’m feeling better “.

In general, antioxidants do the lung well (study 2017).

In this context, I would like to point out my organic lemon peel smoothie (english page still missing at present)


Elastin is lost, a flabby bluffed balloon

when the elastin has been dissolved by trypsin and elastase in the inflammation, then the lung becomes like a gum that has leached out: limp and inelastic and dilated. You can pump in air but the lungs do not contract voluntarily anymore


Let the air out with valves

(c) Pixabay Clker

new strategies use “valves” to let the flaccid lungs out of the air. This restricts certain particularly diseased parts of the lungs, giving the rest lung more space and possibly better functioning. This is roughly equivalent to a lobectomy in which you cut out a lung lobe what you tried earlier, only without surgery.

It seems that this modern strategy also works well in the longer term. Unfortunately, in 1/4 of the patients pneumothorax occurs due to overstretching.


reproduce elastin?

could it be that you can replicate elastin?

Proliferation therapy for collagen replication

With the proliferation therapy, we have received a super effective method to replicate collagen fibers. In the meantime, I also have experience myself and am thrilled – Wikipedia is known to reject any non – pill therapy, so the critical rating is not significant there because Wikipedia is regarding all things functional or CAM-Medicine just FAKE News. The Americans only do things that work well. And the books on prolo therapy are overflowing with enthusiasm about this method.

I learned this method in 2019 from the German Society for Neural Therapy and Acupuncture and I can report that in a patient with 4 vertebral fractures after a fall in severe osteoporosis, we achieved 95% pain relief with only 2 Prolo therapies by sugar injections in the ligament Interspinalia and to the transverse process or the intervertebral joints.

Polyphenols activate elastin synthesis

Major review from May 2018 summarizes all modern research findings and compiles inhalation for lung repair:

Copper, EGCG (green tea extract), along with magnesium, heparin and minoxidil, and AGE inhibitors such as alpha lipoic acid or vitamin C.


(c) Pixabay Naturology

Many studies show that it is possible to stimulate the formation of elastic fibers with the polyphenols EGCG or even better with the pentagalloyl-glucose, which is not available as a dietary supplement.

Also, OPC (grape seed extract) is a polyphenol and there are also studies that confirm a positive effect on COPD.

Green tea inhibits the matrix metalloproteinases, which explains why the ancient Chinese and Japanese hardly have wrinkles, the spread of cancer is inhibited and also the lung skeleton degradation. By the way, this last study comes from the famous Prof. Richard Beliveau, who researched the wonderful book “Foods that fight cancer”


Copper is an important co-factor in LOX = lysine oxidase – the main enzyme in the production of elastic fibers.

Magnesium is an antagonist of calcium. The elastic fibers are calcified and therefore in-elastic. With magnesium you can displace the calcium from the elastic fibers and restore the elasticity.

Well, this would result in the following hypothetical causal therapy for COPD according to the above-cited research studies.

Copper oral, magnesium chloride inhalation, green tea capsules, retarded vitamin C, alpha-lipoic acid, N-acetylcysteine ​​and the smoothie made from organic lemon zest

Of course only plus the well-effective standard conventional medicine

The future in terms of repair is certainly stem cell therapy


Please take notice that these are just research papers from Pubmed. Dont take that as medical advise. I share my self-education regarding newest research information with my collegues free of charge.

(though a positive comment from the side of medical colleagues on this page here and on Google would certainly help me for my quarrel with my medical association that thinks that I am doing inproper commercialization).

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