a highly decorated US expert – an intensive care physician & internist & pulmonologist – who “cries out loudly” and presents an prophylactic and therapeutic solution for the coronavirus in front of a Senate hearing and in doing so ‘consciously and without sensationalizing’ speaks of a “miracle-drug”!

Prof. Pierre Kory, professor at Aurora Medical Center in St. Luke, delivers a very passionate statement during the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Senate hearing on “Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II” 


Even the introduction of Prof. Pierre Kory by Senator Ron Johnson is impressive

Senator Ron Johnson (R) – (c) Wikipedia

“Dr. Kory is a specialist in intensive care AND pulmonology AND internal medicine. Travels all over the country (USA) to treat critically ill Covid patients. President of the Society for Frontline-Covid-CriticalCare-Alliance – a non-profit association of intensive care physicians who have set themselves the goal of finding treatments for critically ill Covid patients with “repurposed drugs” (drugs already on the market).

We have Dr. Kory nominated relatively late at the 1st hearing in May after we learned of his amazing success with anti-inflammatory cortisone.

And – tells us Senator Johonson – I like to tell you Dr. Kory, that doctors approached me – the Senator – and thanked me for questioning you at the time, because they were able to save the lives of many patients with cortisone, which is rather unusual for an infection. I hope that your contribution today will be just as fruitful as it was then! “

Interview starts at 1:23

Please be sure to listen to that emphatically spoken interview, a statement coming from heart without looking to notes even once!

Now the next paragraphes are essentially a transcript of Prof. Kory’s statement. It is not exactly word by word because I (Dr. Retzek) translated it to German for my main website and now translated the German text back to English using google translation.

“It is enough now! Out there I’m being defamed as a politician by the press and some seemingly hostile polititians, but I’m a scientist and a doctor, especially Intensive care physician working at the frontline and certainly not a politician. I do not represent an agenda or a party. Actually I have voted democrate all my life and I am not at all connected to Trump. So to miscredit me as some politician having whatever political agenda is a joke!

I don’t speak for myself either, but as a representative of a group of many top colleagues. We together represent around 2000 Pubmed publications, so we are top notch scientists in our field and thus we know what we are saying, we represent top medicine and science!

I was already here in May and at that time we recommended the use of cortisone – contrary to many other colleagues – and thus recommended a life-saving therapy.


I want to give you today another important recommendation

In the last 9 months we as a group – once again I have to state that we together are the most highly publicized doctors in our field worldwide – we have been looking for an already available drug to treat this disease.

– and now after 9 months we come to the conclusion –

AND – I would like to note that I am deeply disturbed by the government agencies FDA and NHI and CDC who have not set up any task force to review existing drugs (repurposed drugs), everyone is only focused on completely new and ultra-expensive treatments tocilizumab or remdesevir or monoclonal AK or vaccinations.

We have meanwhile 100 years of experience with a wide variety of drugs and therefore it is incomprehensible that there is no one who studies “repurposed drugs” for corona-virus

We – our organization – have filled this void and I am here today to let you know that we have a SOLUTION for this CRISIS.

There is a drug IVERMECTIN that works WONDERFUL in this disease. When I say MIRACLE, it’s not frivolous and by no means I want to “sensationalize”, but the recommendation of the NIH not to use ivermectin outside of controlled studies comes from August – now it’s December and we have MOUNTAINS of DATA that have come in from many centers and countries around around the world showing the MIRACLE-LIKE effectiveness of IVERMECTIN.

It eliminates the virus – if you take it you won’t get sick. My present in peer-review process sitting study-manuscript shows this and we – as a group – have literally published more during our scientific careers than anyone else in our field, so we are serious scientists !!

Our manuscript details everything and presents tons of studies!

Ivermectin is effective – not only – but also especially in prophylaxis. If you take it you won’t get sick!
A new study just arrived from Argentina last night – they treated 800 health personal employees with ivermectin prophylaxis, not a single one got sick, 58% of the control group with 400 employees got sick – that was 232 out of 400 who suffered from corona – compared to 0 in the Ivermectin group from 800 subjects!

If you take it you won’t get sick!!!

It has immense and potent antiviral activity. For prophylaxis we now have 4 randomized studies – it’s immensely effective, you don’t get sick, you stay protected!

if you take it at an early stage, there are now 3 randomized studies, and multiple observation and case-control studies: if you take it early, the risk of going to the hospital and dying is reduced very significantly!

However, we see the best results in hospitalized patients: 4 randomized trials plus a multitude of observational trials, all showing the same thing: if they take ivermectin they will NOT DIE, or at a much, much, much lower rate, statistically significant.

It has now been proven that it is a WUNDERMITTEL (“it is now proven that it is a wonder drug”), this drug already received the NOBEL PRIZE in 2015 for its positive influence on world health in terms of the treatment of parasitic diseases, it is an incredibly powerful antiviral, anti-inflammatory.

It is CRITICAL to use this remedy. We submitted the study data for peer review, but this process takes months that we don’t have!

Thousands of people are dying! I am an intensive care physician and a pulmonologist who has treated more COVID patients than anyone can imagine.

The patients die because they just can’t breathe, they can’t breathe, and finally we sedate them and ventilate them mechanically and they die. I see this every day! When these patients come to see me in the intensive care unit, they are already dying, almost impossible to restore.

Early successful treatment is the absolute key, we have to keep them out of the hospitals. If you read my manuscript you will see that every single death is now redundant.

When I go back to work next week, every further death is unnecessary and superfluous … you could keep the patients out of the hospital and the intensive care unit with IVERMECTIN.

I am calling on the NIH, their recommendation is from AUGUST, I am very clear now and very simple: I call on the NIH to review our dates, almost 30 studies and we are showing the dramatic effects of ivermectin.

We just expect our manuscript to be checked as soon as possible, a serious study by serious doctors. We have immense amounts of data to show that Ivermectin must be used.

And the people that mainly die are the African Americans and Latinos and the old, these people are all much more susceptible than the young whites, I have never seen anything like it before in my career.

I expect the NIH to review our data and approve ivermectin for treatment as soon as possible.

please listen to this Youtube, the tone and strength of the colleague Prof. Kory before the US Senate. 


some further notes from Dr. Retzek

Facetime-call from Dr. Friedrich Douwes, Bad Aibling

Dr. Friedrich Douwes, world-famous cancer expert and inventor of hyperthermia therapy for Borreliosis, Klinik St. Georg, Bad Aibling – here in a video call with me  while he himself was in quarantine when he and his wife both had the coronavirus in September.

3 days ago – on 10-12-2020 Dr. Friedrich Douwes / St Georg Klinik / Bad Aibling called (he got the ivermectin from our pharmacy):

“We are now Corona focus hospital in southern Bavaria because everything we did went so well administratively for us. We do the tests for everyone. I can tell you that with ivermectin we have more than 95% of the patients PCR free after 2 days, it is a fantastic remedy, thanks for that!”


previous article on my blog 2 months ago already about Ivermectin

I wrote an article about Ivermectin as an antiviral agent 2 months ago, after I have learned about it from the physician Dr. Atel Hemat from Cologne who reported about the impressive and problem-free recovery of his nearly 80-year-old aunty from the Corona caused by ivermectin and he referred me relevant studies.

Dr. Atel Hemat and Lenna Retzek – in Milwaukee in front of the fantastic museum – we visited Milwaukee as we attended together our training with Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis in August 2019


Thank you Dr. Simon Yu!

Dr. Simon Yu uses ivermectin as his main therapeutic agent and has been able to significantly improve or even heal numerous long-term chronically ill patients with it. As far as I know, he is the only doctor worldwide with 4 cured ALS patients.

Dr. Simon even uses ivermectin together with other viral and parasite agents. He has published two excellent books in which he describes his treatments.

Dr. Simon Yu is of course a “real medical doctor” – as in the US now everyone seems to call himself “Doctor”.

I would like to encourage interested readers to subscribe to the monthly newsletter from Dr. Simon Yu, he shares a lot of interesting information from the world of comprehensive integrative medicine.

Also: the way to St. Louis is entertaining. I would always seek treatment from him personally if I got stuck. I recommend approaching via Chicago, a great drive to St. Louis. Definitely go to Milwaukee along the lake, if you want to do that, I’ll be happy to give you information, also visit the Arch-Museum and of course the Budwiser-Brewery.

The next training course with Dr. Simon Yu about his diagnostic system “advanced meridian assessment” and his treatments 

April 22-25 and August 26-29, 2021


Dr. Kory’s protocol

You will find this protocol with further explanations and over 80 references in his submitted study.

Here the calculation sheet for the dosing of ivermectin according to weight


Prophylactic Treatment for Health workers or endangered patients


Corona-Sick patients protocoll


Here is the protocol for the hospitalized patients

page 5 in the PDF of the study



Addendum: The top doctor Dr. Heinz Mastall from Wiesbaden just gave me a call: “the ivermectin is great for Corona, I need some more packs”


About the Drugs availability

  • Ivermectin costs <10 cents / 12 mg tablet in India
  • in the EU only available as scabioral, here the daily dose of 12mg costs about 100,- which makes the pack of 90 capsules a 12mg to cost 9000,-   (this is the monthly dose according to Dr. Simon Yu for treatment of parasites).
  • in the USA they have raised the price of “the monthly dose” some moths ago to 23.000,- Dr. Yu told me totally shocked “they are taking away my treatments”. Quite unexpected?


The establishment reaction will come immediately

Ivermectin is still tooo cheap to be taken seriously.

You guys will now be able to observe that a great many “experts” will speak out against ivermectin.


want to hear more about anti-drug-marketing?

We experienced the same thing with hydroxychloroquine and Prof. Dr. Didier Raoult


(c) Prof. Didier Raoult – Lecture – Youtube

Prof. Dr. Didier Raoult is among the best published and best-known virologist worldwide: “Hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin can lead to a good outcome in almost all cases given early on”

so (especially since Trump featured HCQ) he was severely attacked, received death threats from a doctor sponsored by Remdesevir and has turned from a reputable virologist into a controversial figure because of

“sexual abuse is obligatory in his institute, he is a dictator and besides, he already looks like a madman”.

Why? The treatment is cheap and a many many many many US-Physicians told us on TV, very effective if given early enough in the course of the infection.

Here – in Europe – the made the Antibiotic Azithromycine – which every child gets when they have an earache – to a crazy dangerous drug, so “of course it cannot be given to a corona patient because of potential heart complications”

and a doctor who recommends this should of course be locked away.

All this is called viral opinion marketing, see the movie “Scientists under Attack – Genetic Engineering in the Magnetic Field of Money

Prof. Raoult recently published precisely about this and showed very clearly that the results of the corona studies and the peer review process clearly depend on the “customer” or the “company that sponsors”. You can read some of this on my early HCQ pages as well (sorry, german-language only).

how the system behind the medicine works ...

Interesting is this price rise for ivermectin in anticipation of the new publicity.

This is very reminiscent of the DMPS mercury drainage agent – here too the price in the USA was raised from 100,- to over 20,000 in 2019, when Dr. Simon called me at that time “he can no longer work, the mercury poisoning has to be treated the basis of his therapy ”!

What can you conclude from this: no one out there in the big world is interested in just one single patient. It doesn’t matter whether “we” are doing well or badly, “we” are just cannon fodder and the sicker we stay, the more interesting we are for the system.

just an opinion-marketing battle for a lot of money

This background – BigPharma faked studies even in high-ranking journals and does viral opinion marketing against cheap drugs and against scientists who are not on there track – was clearly addressed by Didier Raoult and his team in another meta-analysis of 9 studies:

all pharma-associated “BigData” studies show HCQ to be ineffective, all clinical studies at hospitals show a reduction in deaths: When the industry-sponsored scientists analyze large amounts of data, you don’t see any effect – if you ask the practitioners in the hospital, they are very grateful. but if they speak out loudly they are fired. 



just now – 16th Dez 2020 evening – I’m getting an email from Dr. Simon Yu from St. Louis citing a new meta-review about ivermectin.


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