During my research time in Canada at the UVA, I was allowed to take part in lectures on prion diseases, at that time the CJD prion had not yet been identified, but it was clear that the infectious pathogen had to be a protein.

A patient inquiry motivated me to research and I actually found interesting studies and connections to the prion disease Creutzfeldt Jacob (CJD).


  • Changes caused by Creutzfeldt Jacob can undoubtedly be traced back to prion protein, if this is isolated in a highly pure manner and test animals are injected, it triggers CJD there (= Koch’s postulate for the trigger).
  • In some cases, however, an antibiotic (doxycycline) can prolong the course of the disease by several years
  • TAU proteins (= typical Alzheimer’s proteins) are very specific CJD disease-associated proteins and show the course very precisely
  • TAU proteins are actually antibiotic-effective defense substances against Lyme disease produced by the cell. Healthy nerve cells produce high concentrations of TAU when they are infected intracellularly by Borrelia.
  • Doxycycline is unfortunately just a bacteriostatic Borrelia antibiotic (unfortunately not bactericidal = eliminating, but just growth inhibiting)
  • 1 + 1 = 2
  • this means: Doxycycline may also work in CJS because Borrelia may be involved in the progression of this disease, which may not yet be known – due to the difficulty in diagnosing this chronic persistent infection with stealth germs?


Treatment with doxycycline – not such a good result in controlled randomized study

In 2014 there was a multicenter phase II double-blind randomized study with several clinics from France and Italy. This study was finally terminated prematurely because there were no significant results in terms of effectiveness.

But my question: why would anyone do a Phase II multicenter study?

To get into a phase 2 multicenter randomized study (hundreds of thousands of euros!) there must have been several good indications that doxycycline could be effective. In fact, we should find something

  • Doxy shows slight OS improvements in a small study with 12 patients in 2006
  • Report from 2015 about a patient who survived a total of 5 years with CJD under Doxy, suggests that it could possibly be effective in special sub-forms called variably proteasesensitive prionopathy.
  • An Austrian case from Linz – patient who survived for 6 years, 4 of them on doxycycline -> a CJD-like disease called variably protease-sensitive prionopathy.

That means there are sporadic but not very significant indications that Doxy can very well cause an elongation / stretching of the time-course in CFD.

TAU protein correlates with CJD disease

Tau is a nasty “amyloid” – a protein filth that has not been broken down (= autophagy), hypophosphorylated TAU creates deposits in the nerve cells, which is typical for Alzheimer’s. Tau causes the nerve cells to die.

This 2017 study shows that TAU ​​(in the blood) can predict the course of the disease in an extremely specific manner and is therefore a CJD disease process-specific protein.

Since 2017 there have been a total of around 4000 entries in google-scholar in which TAU is shown as an essential marker for CJD.

TAU protein is produced in nerve cells in response to Borrelia infection

Prof. Judy Miclossy (now Switzerland, formerly employed by Dr. Alan MacDonald in the USA) has been running around since Miklossy 2004 and tries to show everyone who would be interested that Alzheimer’s is actually highly correlated with a Borrelia infection in the brain! Actually she finds SPIROCHAETES, lots and lots – many of them are from the mouth from decaying teeth or cavitations!


Here, too, the “Koch’s postulates” were fulfilled, nicely published in a review by Miklossy in 2011, including a review in 2011 where Dr. Miklossy presents the historical connections between syphilis and Borrelia and Alzheimer’s.

Incidentally, most of the spirochetes in the brain are not Borrelia burgdorferi per se, but commensals from the oral cavity that enter the brain via dental foci (called cavitations), together with fungi (great article of mine only available in german on my homepage), tons of different fungi infecting the nerves intracellularly, actually you find the fungi’s proteins even in the nucleus of ther nervs.

In 2006, Miklossy showed that both amyolide-ß and hypophosphorylated TAU are produced by infection of the nerve cells with Borrelia.

TAU and amyloid are also elevated in patients with frontotemporal degeneration /
dementia – another type of Alzheimer’s disease – 2002 study – in which I have already practical expierience with definit improvement by using antiborrelia-treatment!

Borrelia has been associated with dementia, tau proteins and amyloid since the 1980s

Back in the 80s, Dr. Alan Macdonald publishes the infectious thesis of Alzheimer’s disease. He is a pathologist and has found the connection between the spirochete disease SYPHILIS in stage 3 (= dementia) and the spirochete disease neuro-borreliosis and has published several articles on the subject: Amyoloid protein is the result of a Borrelia infection in the brain Study 1986, Study 1987, Study 1988, Review 2006, Review 2006, Review 2007,


Alan Macdonald shows the Borrelia cysts here -> permanent forms, especially in contact with antibiotics (doxycycline)


So my summary of this post again

TAU is very high in the prion disease CJD. TAU is also triggered by Borrelia. Borrelia are slowed down by doxycycline but not killed. Doxycycline also slows CJD.

Perhaps Borrelia (or other doxy-sensitive germs that trigger TAU) are possible as potential aggravating factors in CJD. Maybe  a really good Borrelia diagnosis + therapy could help?

In my opinion, this only makes sense in the early stages! If the person has disappeared through the brain-drain, it is probably questionable and of no help to extend “this” life.

Why is the connection between Alzheimer’s and Borrelia not generally known?

that only becomes apparent when reading the book BITEN by Kris Newby, which contains the lab books of Dr. Willy Burgdorfer worked through and conducted interviews with him: the current form of the roving Borrelia have escaped from an army laboratory in the USA – maybe planted by russsia

– and – like Mycoplasma fermentans (the germ of the Gulf War Syndrome that was inoculated into soldiers by unclean vaccinations) 


Such knowledge is suppressed for decades until everyone responsible and involved is no longer on duty or has died.



final Summary

There are now several strong indications and tons of practical expierience that chronic fungal, parasite and spirochete infection of the brain is linked to neurodegenerative diseases. Even with Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease.

Perhaps a “compassionat trial” – an off-label treatment of Creutzfeld-Jacob with a properly managed antibiotic -> such as the article here about ‘amyotrophic lateral sclerosis cured by antibiotics’ would be helpful?

In the US Dr. Simon Yu / St. Louis would be my physician as he is unique in combining integrated medicine diagnostic with comprehensive lab-work and scientific founded drug treatment, having the perspective that many if not most disease are founded in Dental Problems and Infections.



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