Dr. Stewart Moreland is a maxillofacial surgeon in St. Louis. He was diagnosed with chronic problems that Dr. Simon Yu healed, as Simon found using his AMA measurement a hidden tooth problem (only radiographically visible on CT but not radiologically with XRay). At the current AMA-training course of Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis Dr. Moreland is talking on 24-8-2019.

Dr. Stewart Moreland shows us a patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – I have her written testimonial with me – who got up from her wheelchair soon after surgery and can now be considered cured.

Dr. Moreland says that beside his extraction-surgery of her “smiling tooth” right at the visible front the extensive chelator therapy as well as the IPT (insulin-potentiated anti-infectious therapie) by Dr. Simon Yu contributed to this miracle -> see the published case of dr. Joachim Mutter and the Paracelsus Clinic as well as the book of another cured ALS-Patient of Dr. Yu (Ron Unterberger) in my other “healed ALS-Cases” page (at present not translated).

(c) Dr. Moreland, St. Louis


Further information from the lecture by Dr. med. Stewart Moreland

I test only the lymphatic 2 by means of AMA before / during / after the operation – start with the remedies that can treat chronic osteomyelitis: penicillin, clindamycin, ….


Why testing with AMA – is that a valid medical testing procedure?

if someone comes into the practice with fever and chills, then we assume that this patient has a high probability streptococcus and give him with good safety and high cure expectancy penicillin. The Acupuncture Meridian Test (EAV / AMA) further increases this probability by measuring the bioenergetic reaction of the body to the medication at certain sensitive zooses (acupuncture points). Use for measurement: Pegasus EAV from Startec Clark Brothers, to provoke a Cooking Plus Stem 1 for 9 V Provocation.

specialiced analgesia

For analgesization in these procedures I only want 3% mepivacaine or carbocaine and nothing else inside, no vasoconstrictor, no preservative. Too much vasoconstrictor leads to necrosis or severe obstacles to healing. Patients have no pain: are on ice, have the PRP, come to Dr. Yu and get the infusion (with VitC),

Kindling Vistron is a german produced device to measure the skin resistancy on certain akupunkture points which is used in AMA – Kindling is used by Dr. Simon Yu, Dr. Atel Hemat, Dr. Helmut Retzek

constant AMA retesting of the patient during surgery

instead of testing many AMA -Points I use only the point lymph 2 for the AMA/EAV control of my operations – before / during / after the procedure (extraction, ozonation, PRP, …) – this must be 50.

Provocation Test at the end of the surgery

If measurement is OK and everything seems to be in good order, then I go into the extraction cavity and buccal and lingual / before / after the affected area and stimulate with 9V and measure again the lymph2 point. With healthy tissue, a reading of 50 on the EAV is found 10 seconds after this provocation, with not fully healthy tissue there is a drop, then I continue curetting (scratching out) the wound-cave, even with inconspicuous radiological findings, until I am fine in the AMA-measurement.

We constantly rinse with ozone water, upon closure of the wound I fill the cavity with PRP before closing the suture, then ozone again before the last suture is closed, since then we have virtually no complications.


Barbara (co-worker of Dr. Yu) interrupts the talk to report her experiences: I have seen the patients again and again longer after they had surgery with Dr. MOreland.

When we started sending him patients, Dr. Revisit Moreland often needed to reoperate, because the oromaxillar problematic was not done. Since he does these extra things such as measuring during surgery, ozone therapy, we see this no longer, the people are fantastic after surgery improved. Dr. Moreland: yes, we have incredible improvements in long-term chronically ill patients, hundreds of them!


Dr. Stewart Moreland gives an amazing lecture at the course of Dr Simon Yu
(c) Heli Retzek 2019 – picture during training-course with Dr. Yu


Q of a participating dentist: you create so large cavities in the jawbone when you get the Cavitation out, what about a post surgery increased fracture risk?

A from dr. Moreland: being a grandson of an Italian grandmother with permanent expectancy tension I of course read the literature, there I did not find much evidence of complications like fractures after big curretages or extractions, it is just similar to extracting an impacted wisdom tooth after 6 -8 Mo is cured.

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