Blood pressure medication LOSARTAN and malaria medication CHLOROQUINE-Phosphat or HYDROXYCHLOROPHINE can be used for the treatment of CORONA virus interstitial pneumonia successfully.



The present Coronavirus CoVid19 docks to the lung cells using angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) (1). By blocking the renin-angiotensin pathway with banal blood pressure agents (losartan, enalapril, …), the lung complications of SARS and CoVid19 can be halved in vivo (2).

In addition, chloroquine has proven to be a useful remedy in WUHAN. It blocks “autophagy” and thus the “absorption” of the virus by the lung cells, the Chinese authorities are approving chloroquine now as CORONAVIRUS drug.


specific antivirals are not available or are of little help

At the moment, of course, attempts are being made to intercept the coronavirus everywhere using various antivirals. Tamiflu was administered to about 90% of patients in China, but seems to have helped little. 

A newly published Guideline Paper (4) from China presents western drugs and TCM-drugs.


Learn from Wuhan and past corona pandemics

SARS = bird flu has had a stranglehold on the world before

The virus at the time was called CoV-2 or CoV-SARS and is very similar to the current CoV-19 (for Coroonavirus 2019). After SARS, the virus was eagerly researched and some things were found:

SARS virus goes through the ACE2 into the lung cells (angiotensin converting enzyme). This can be significantly alleviated by AT-1 receptor blockers.

The following text was published in a large SARS symposium “10 years after SARS” in 2013 (page 2, top right)

… ACE inhibitors, and autophagic inhibitors (like chloroquine) are probable to reduce the virus-induced pulmonary injury. The clinical marketed drugs such as Losartan, Valsartan, Irbesartan, Olmesartan, Candesartan and angiotensin AT1R inhibitor are advisable in the treatment of H7N9 victims. …


Actually – how WUHAN beated the virus

look at this youtube, that is serious quarantaining!



Dengue, SARS and CoV19 are very similar

these 3 corona viruses all run into the cells via the ACE. The following study shows a halving of the infection rate by losartan (Cozaar) in vivo (mouse model).

Infection with dengue viruses can be significantly reduced with both losartan (Cozaar) or enalapril


Chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine successful in WUHAN

Here is a study collection with the latest studies, in which “Multicenter Study from China 2020” shows that the health authorities in China are now approving chloroquine phosphate (Resochin) as the standard treatment for corona infections.

Alternatively, there are enough studies that also show hydroxychloroquine (Qensyl) as effective.


Other treatment options against CoVid19 that I found

On this website here “Preprints” current Chinese patents against corona virus are examined. There are a number of natural substances that are supposed to have an effect against the corona virus protease:

Rutin and hesperidin catch my eye because there are simple and easy solutions:

Oxerutin Tablets or Capsules are a famous vein drug, nearly everyone suffering varicous veins is getting such a drug.

Hesperidin: main component of the lemon peel and therefore in the Austrian drug DAFLON (a flavonoid fraction of the lemon used for varicous veins) or in my great anticancer-tool: “organic lemon peel smoothie” or my “organic lemon peel jam

(sorry for the clumsy google translation, have not done the translation work yet)

Of course, I see these natural substances above all as infection prophylaxis. We give them mainly to anxious patients “so that they can do something”.


important prophylactic measures: vitamin C, zinc


Vitamin D

In an article on influenza, I presented the research that proves that vitamin D is the “seasonal factor” that determines who will be suffering of influenza (and also corona virus infections). Low Vitamin D and you have not enough immunity against the virus.

That’s why everyone should get now filled up with VitD. I usually suggest to use a Vitamin D Calculator like this one

If you dont know your present Vitamin D start value use 10ng/ml (which is at least in Austria right now in March the average value). 

If you have not taken Vitamin D yet then you have round about a deficit of 50x your daily recommendation that you have to take in addition to your daily amount (split in 10 Doses)

If that all is too complicated for you, just take 50,000 IU VitD today and from tomorrow on 10,000 IU VitD a day until you die. 

10.000 IE /d is a good value that I got from lectures with Prof. Michael Holick, the world best renommmed VitD Expert that I attended last year.


In addition, I found ZINC as a strong SARS corona virus and swine flu virus inhibiting factor and summarized it in a separate article.


Here the dramatic inhibition of SARS via ZINC


Vitamin C in the case of acute pneumonia

a vitamin is superfluous (and just makes expensive urine) – until you need it. 2 million sailors who have died testify to the fact that 6 weeks of vitamin C deficiency can be highly fatal. It was only 300 years after the discovery of America that an “anti-scorbut acid” was discovered and after that there were no more dead sailors.

The daily requirement of approx. 60 mg ascorbic acid only applies if there is no unusual load. An infection, an inflammation, some cigarettes or highly concentrated oxygen ventilation are the cause of a massive exposure to oxidative stress and thus an increased need, which can even go into the gram range of ascorbic acid!

According to Dr. Thomas Levy – with whom I gave a lecture in Poland – there is no infection that cannot be cured by intravenous VitC.

He has worked through a lot of old VitC research and showed 90% healing of children with polio virus through the single administration of a vitamin C injection.



By the way, Dr. Levy was personally involved in the case of the SARS patient (I can’t find the reference right now) who was in intensive care unit intubated in New Zealand and only received a VitC infusion once by court order and then due to resistance from the doctors there. Subsequently, further VitC administration was prevented by the medical hospital staff (the patient was then secretly given liposomal VitC and was healthy after 1 week, Dr. Levy told me in Poland).

Why should we actually use certain measures if they are cheap?

The whole thing is strikingly reminiscent of the report by the world-famous ozone doctor Dr. Robert Rowen from the USA who was in Angola and treated Ebola very successfully when the US pharmaceutical lobby threatened the Angolan government with the loss of development aid if the “Ozon-Heinis” did not disappear quickly! Please listen to this podcast! You wouldnt belief that!

Poland’s population is unique – they do never need any vitamins

Now if i am already complaining than I might add: in Poland, doctors are charged with giving vitamin C as an infusion to a patient. I saw that live in Katowice, the doctor who was sitting next to me said that he has a trial date next week! Crazy world!

Intensive care and Ascorbic Acide

A fairly recent study shows that over 1000 intensive care patients who were ventilated showed that 3-10g ascorbic acid i.v. results in a significant reduction in mortality (5) when it comes to pneumonia and oxygen ventilation it can be assumed that the results are much better.

Clinical pneuonia cases treated with this simple antioxidant were already presented in the German Medical Weekly Magazine from 1937 and it was shown that in the organ where inflammation (oxidative stress) comes together with oxygen (oxidative stress) there is an oxidative overhang, which with simple antioxidants can be neutralized very successfully. Maybe someone wants to breeze through the > 20.000 Studies in Scholar?

Ascorbic Acid a live saver in prolonged inflammation

The whole thing is not new either, you learn that anyway in every orthomolecular training course.

In fact, COPD or ASTHMA patients almost always say after the first IV drops. Ascorbic acid “is there really something that already helps?”, I can confirm this from my own practice, I did that like many others in the diploma course of the Medical Association of Orthomolecular Medicine with Dr. Reinhard Schroth learned.

That something is not done in the hospital is somehow counter-intuitive, if you take the patient’s welfare as a criterion, right?


my personal experience with influenza

I use approx. 3 g ascorbic acid i.v. + 100 mg zinc (in the form of 5 lozenges of 20 mg each). That eliminated all influenzas overnight.




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