Wednesday, April 15, 2020

drugs that actually help against CORONAVIRUS pneumonia

Blood pressure medication LOSARTAN and malaria medication CHLOROQUINE-Phosphat or HYDROXYCHLOROPHINE can be used for the treatment of CORONA virus interstitial pneumonia successfully.   Abstract The present Coronavirus CoVid19 docks to the lung cells using angiotensin converting enzyme...

Toxoplasmosis – might be responsible for Lyme and Amyotrophic Lateralsclerosis and more

In one of the most exciting books in recent years, a german doctor describes numerous detailed patient cases to present the infectious parasite Toxoplasmosis as an mostly overlooked cause of certain - previously untreatable...

My Cancercure Rocks

a US cancer patient "completely metastasized" receives a worm medication from his veterinarian and can thus make his incurable stage 4 lung cancer disappear. A pharmaceutical scientist found this by accident and healed herself...

Pancreatic Carcinoma: fungal infection a driving factor – cancer and infection

Pancreatic cancer: the tissue is 3,000 times more contaminated with fungi (especially Malassezia). Fungal treatment improved the OST. Slow pancreatic carcinomas could even be arrested in the mouse model by treatment of the mycobiome...

Methadone as an usefull adjuvant to regular cancer treatment

english version of my research regarding Methadone, a tool in our toolbox conquering cancer. This article is written for my US-Friends.   Discovery of a useful side effect of Methadone Dr. Hilscher is a GP in Iserslohe,...

Update Electric Universe – Dark Materia gone – Sun-Science renewed

update to the Electric Universe, Sun observations by Ben Davidson as SuspiciousObservers and Antigrav technology of the Navy as presumably man-made UFOs   For years I follow the thesis of the Electric Universe just elegant, immediately insightful,...

the position you sleep decides how well you rest

Summary of the article: lying with head southwards, my biophotons show their best. Little worse is head to the east, then to the west. But - interestingly: northwards sleeping is a killer and my...


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