IVERMECTIN (parasite drug) was recently discovered to be a broad-spectrum antiviral agent: Coronavirus (Covid-19), HIV, yellow fever, dengue, CMV, EBV and HPV are significantly inhibited by it. In addition to the anti-parasite effect and cancer inhibition, this is now the third indication for this well-tolerated drug.

If you are just interested in the new Coronavirus study then please jump down using this link.

actually, it started all with Dr. Simon Yu – St. Louis

Dr. Simon Yu in London, July 2019 – when we both attended the conference for biological dentists at the invitation of Dr. Shabir Pandor / London gave a lecture

Integrative medicine specialist Dr. Simon Yu (St. Louis, USA) has established over 25 years a comprehensive ivermectin therapy as the basic medication for many of his various treatment protocols.

The actual successes of Dr. Yu’s treatments are extraordinary, as I have eye-witnessed myself having attended twice his training and a shaddowing stay in his office.

Dr. Simon YU is is the only doctor I know who has 4 cured ALS patients.

His latest book “AcciDENTAL BlowUp” shows again, just like his last “AcciDENTAL Cure”, the importance of dental foci and hidden parasites.

Recently Dr Yu has widened his influence “over to Europe” and has trained in several occasions about 50 physicians here. I can definitily state that since his arrival in Europe nearly every integrative praxis in Austria is testing for parasites.

Dr. Yu’s successes in a broad variety of diseases (especially post-Lyme, BurnOut, fatigue, cancer, neurological cases …) have been attributed to his extended treatment against parasites.

But actually I suspected already for some time that these protocols are actually much more comprehensive and cover a wider variety of intrudors:

I actually suspect that this therapy based on using ivermectin and blood-uv-laser as main treatment tools is also antiviral and antibacterial in addition to the well-known anti-parasitic effects.

Recent studies seem to confirm this thoughts:.

Dr. Simon Yu is rewriting the history of parasite treatment

In his books, Dr. Simon presents most of his medical treatment skills, his scientific background and many many patient case reports.

Unique is the duration of treatment: instead of treating the patient for 2 or 3 days using antiparasitics, he prescribes a cocktail of 4 – 6 parasite drugs, and lets the patient take them possibly over months. We all were struck by the amount of treatment that Dr. Simon explains with his military background: “once you decided to attack your enemy, do it strong and completely”. The results give witness for the validity of his philosophy.

When asked about the “side effects” of the drugs, Dr. Simon tells us from his decades of experience:

if there are side effects, give more of these drugs. Underdosed parasites defend themselves by colonizing regions in the body that have less drug concentration.

One of my own cases

This roundworm larvae I found in the blood of a patient that was 7-years-long bedridden with a multitude of symptoms that “regular physicians” attributed to some psychological problems because the average blood-work was “normal”.

In the dark-field microscopy of the patients blood we still found roundworm larvae, even after the patient was put on a short lasting Albendazole-single regime for just 2 weeks by our universities parasite specialist (we sent him there as we did not have the drugs available back then).

Ascaris suis larve in the blood of an 8-year-old bedridden man who “came back to life” after Ascaris therapy (c) Dr. Retzek

This case of persistent infection even after “regular treatment” exemplifies exactly Dr. Yu’s experiences: Treat the parasites just as you hit the enemy in war: strong and comprehensiv, right away – and take several drugs at once and use them over weeks to months.

From Dr. SIMON we have learned to prescribe the parasite remedy IVERMECTIN in high doses over a long period of time.

But now new studies show that it may also help so many patients because it is not just 

  • a Parasite drug is (the most widely used remedy in the world)
  • or is a cancer drug (own article)
  • it is also a coronavirus-inhibiting drug


actually it is a broad spectrum antiviral which is helpful against many viruses

Virus Effect – Study 1 – CMV, EBV, HPV, HIV, Covid-19

I think this antiviral effect was discovered more by chance: in this Chinese study in July 2020, Ivermectin was thrown on ovarian cancer cells and the resulting changes in the protein expression pattern were analyzed (“proteomics”).

The extensive computer analysis has now revealed that proteins, that are necessary for the replication of some viruses are significantly inhibited and that there should therefore be an effect on the following viruses: CMV, EBV, HPV, HIV1

Cytomegaly, Epstein-Barr, papilloma virus, AIDS virus


(c) Wikipedia – From Photo Credit: Content Providers (s): CDC / Dr. Fred Murphy – This media comes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Public Health Image Library (PHIL), with identification number # 4814

Furthermore, 52 of the 283 proteins that are important for coronavirus replication were found to be influenced.

The authors finally write as a summary statement:

…. these results demonstrate the broad-spectrum antiviral properties of ivermectin, which will also be beneficial for the treatment of COVID 19 and in the context of personalized medicine for virus-related diseases. …


Virus Effect – Study 2 – All Flaviviruses: Dengue, Japanese Encephalitis

this Belgian-Italian-US – study from 2012 shows an DNA “de-coling” enzyme which is extremely important for virus replication. This enzyme is almost completely blocked by ivermectin specifically in the NANOMOL range.

This makes ivermectin an extremely potent agent against this group of flavi viruses, including yellow fever, DENGUE Virus, the TBE (Tick borne encephalitis) and also the Japanese encephalitis virus.

Inhibition of yellow fever replication by ivermectin in very small doses, page 1891 – J Antimicrob Chemother 2012; 67: 1884-1894

This high inhibitory capacity of ivermectin against viral replication is shown in the graphic above.

Ivermectin is very well tolerated

Having finished 4 training courses with Dr. Simon Yu (twice in St. Louis and twice in Germany) we are using ivermectin since 2018 and have never met a patient who would not have tolerated ivermectin in the standard dosage prescribed by Simon (3-4 x 12mg / day).

Once a patient got medium elevated liver values ​​(but in a 3-fold combination with 2 other antiparasitic drugs – together used “off-label” against cancer).

Dr. Simpon Yu examines a patient on the occasion of our internship in his practice in 2018 (c) HeliRetzek 2018

Where to get ivermectin

priceless expensive as Stromectol in the EU pharmacy. 

Actually it was rather cheap in the States up to 2019, but we could not import it to Europe.

Since then “they” increased the price in the USA from $ 100 / month to $ 13,000, maybe it’s just an accident that shortly befor the anti-cancer effect became known – or even already in preparation for the corona pandemic?

We are aware that no-one cares about the patients – we have all noticed the negativ hoax studies around hydroxychloroquine which is simply to cheap to be a valid treatment for a potential live threatening disease, however many physicians state superior effect on Ingraham Angle or Tucker Carlson.

Doctors in the EU, who want to prescribe Ivermectin should contact us as we get an affordable compounded version in one of our pharmacies.

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  1. I’ve been taking IVM for Covid and I tell everyone that wants to listen. So far, I’ve had zero symptoms and I’m in my 7th day.

  2. I have an interest in using Ivermectin to fight EBV. Do you know of anyone who has used it for the same purposes?

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