Long Covid is the name used for persistent complaints – even for many months – after infection with coronavirus with serious restrictions on quality of life:

In England / UK, every fourth Covid patient suffers complaints in the sense of “long Covid”.

  • 93% of these “Long Covid” patients from the March 2020 peak are not yet fully able to work even now in November and are more or less “energetically restricted”. Any age group can suffer from LongCovid, even those with mild initial infections.
  • With the comparable coronavirus – SARS-1, 40% of those affected are not fully recovered even after 3 years.

In comparison: CFS (fatigue syndrome) after the Epstein-Barr virus lasts for about 1 year

Long Covid’s complaints vary a lot

We doctors call this exhaustion with the term: fatigue. It’s a special kind of exhaustion, like when a truck has run over you. Forcing yourself to do something is useless, you feel like “sick” for days afterwards and the new recommendations also move away from “graded exercise” – i.e. physical exercises that increase in intensity every day.

  • 24% only suffer from post-viral fatigue,
  • 25% have symptoms of an active viral disease, i.e. backflashes of the actual initial infection
  • and the rest have both.
  • In addition to the “post-viral fatigue syndrome”, the majority of those affected suffer from symptoms in the sense of an overactive – but sometimes misdirected immune system, which is why cortisone therapy helps
  • Histamine intolerance and mast cell activation syndrome – symptoms occur because the mast cells can also be activated via ACE receptors
  • Since coronavirus likes to change the hyperthalamus, hormone disorders can also occur.
  • Due to the damage to the blood vessels, there can of course be any number of specific complaints caused by organ damage
  • many sufferers report memory problems, concentration disorders,
  • Sleep disorders (no refreshing sleep, only superficial sleep, the night goes on forever)
  • Depression, anxiety disorders
  • ……

The professional world is currently quite helpless

(c) Dr. Moreland, St. Louis

Postviral fatigue affects 1/3 of our patients in our own office for years!

In 80% of our patients we find either EBV or CMV high, we simply cannot test the other viruses. Since I was a medical student – at least 30 years ago – these postvirally exhausted people have been classified as psychologically ill.

You have nothing and are healthy”, the frustrated patients tell us about their experiences with sincere but in functional medicin un-educated “normal” colleagues every day.

We doctors neither know the cause nor the pathophysiology of this exhaustion, nor do we have official blood values ​​or other measurements to document it:

  • some “holistic” colleagues measure low ATP levels in the leukocytes as an indication of such states of exhaustion (Ganzimmun, Biovis, IMD)
  • other colleagues use the HRV measurement to find the corresponding stress in the vegetative nervous system and thus find an objective measure for the restrictions

Conventional medicine – even high-ranking journals – only helps us therapeutically with “generalities” such as “step a little quieter” or “do without exercise rehab”, a hodgepodge of good advice from the CFS specialist society, all of which serve to “manage” the problem rather than eliminating it, since we actually dont understand the basics of this postviral disease!


Inset – everyday medical practice – conventional medical reality live 

I am currently experiencing a new wave of “responsibility defense” – or better call it “responsibility aversion” by highly esteemed university colleagues in our daily practice:

In recent months  neurological cases have increased in our office – because the stealth infections (Borrelia, Toxos, Bartonella, Ascaris …) have risen in the past years due to climate change.

This neurological cases with hidden infections of the brain do not quite fit into the picture of classical neurology.

(c) Pixabay Truthseeker

We see now cases of wheelchaired patients that are turned away from the Viennas University General Hospital being called “rather psychiatric cases who sit in a wheelchair out of imagination”.

We – using different labs with higher diagnostic output find the former overlooked Lyme, treat it with antibiotics the proper biofilm-antibiotics PLUS Buhner Protocoll Herbs PLUS disulfiram PLUS Heavy-Metal Detox PLUS Parasites PLUS Dental work (the combi-therapy seems to work the best) and get some of these patients – sitting for 10 years in the wheelchair (e.g. MS) – out of the wheelchair! 

It’s still like a miracle to me and brings tears in my eyes.

And I love the “scientific clear cut approach” – the trick is just to use the right lab and to use the right drugs,

it seems totally crazy that the “real established medical world of bighead neurologists” still apply a 2 or 3 week course of single doxycycline for Lyme and declare everything afterward as “imaginary disease” in total ignorance of what they are told from their patients. Some form of cognitiv bias that I see daily in politics and society, a complete obliteration of sanity and logic, replaced by agenda and race theory!

Treating Lyme and Coinfections I am very happy cooperating with DEUTSCHES CHRONIKER LABOR, they use a very sensitiv immune-fluorescence approach. They are very helpful and not mad if for reasons of restricted financial assets of the patients we are just doing “half” of the test.

Though I would wish they also could offer us a CD56+ cell count and BORNA-Virus, as former is the best parameter of observing the treatment course.

Back to imaginary disease ….

An easily understandable psychological defense mechanism that a doctor takes when he is “at the end of his whisdome”.

New research only finds its way into the clinic – at least in Austria – if it can be used to sell a new patented high priced drug. In my perception University-level-neurology in 2020 lives the strict ignorance of decades of research (1, 2, 3, 4) and decades of extensive clinical evidence (1, 2, 3)

Ignoring the difficulties of a credible diagnosis, the chronic neuroborreliosis is neither accepted nor correctly treated by the specialist colleagues.

Diagnosis and Treatment remains in the hands of a few “interested” practitioners, such as me or Dr. Uwe auf der Strasse or the Bad Aibling Clinic / Dr. Douwes., in the USA Dr. Horowitz or Dr. Cowden or Dr. Simon Yu or Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Kinderlehrer …..

why would anyone ignore such a worldwide epidemic disease? .....

What is the reason to ignore this disease 

How can such a widespread disease be so ignored that even the Australian Minister of Health says in strict ignorance of the actual reality on TV: We do not have Lyme disease?


Chris Newby’s extensive interviews with Dr. Willy Burgdorfer suggests that this is actually wanted by the Pentagon in order to cover up the fact that lyme is actually a biological weapon (1, 2)

Dr. Willy Burgdofer (c) Wikipedia

We saw the same suppression of research by the officials regarding Dr. Garth Nicholsons research on Gulf War Syndrome as a Vaccine-Induced Mycoplasma Infection.

I have attended a talk of Garth and had lunch with him, there is no doubt that his research has been suppressed by the government for over 15 years!

What we read in Chris Newbe’s Book BITTEN tells us: a very few superstar-doctors can influence the guidelines “of the whole world” by quoting their corrupt or at least incomplete research, says Chris Newbe in her book and in several interviews on Youtube, we in Europe then just follow the US-guidelines.

According to current guidelines, neuroborreliosis – if it can be identified at all – is still treated with doxycycline, which is only bacteriostatically effective, for 14 or 21 days, as I see in many patients who have been pretreated from nearby or distant clinics.

Any complaints that still exist or recur (due to this unintentionally incompetent treatment) “is just imagination” and therefore belongs to psychiatry, because the doctors have done everything possible or according to the guidelines!


Puzzling fatigue – the chronic fatigue syndrome

this considerable weakness of the vital force after a viral illness is now recognized by a new name. The “fatigue syndrome = CFS” is meanwhile

renamed into “myalgic encephalomyeliitis“,

which means translated from latin: “muscle pain and brain / nerve inflammation”

And the decade-long stigma of the “conceited sick of the work-shy” is slowly disappearing and making room for real solid basic research in which a myriad of abnormalities can be identified:

In the next few months I will research these tips together so far that I can derive a diagnosis and treatment strategy from them, in the meantime I can point the interested colleagues to the direction in which it will go:

Cell Danger Response / Prof. Navioux

Prof. Navioux – Cell Danger Response Biologiy


Fatigue and further complaints after Long Covid

“Run-DMC” is an interesting COVID Youtuber, actually a car mechanic and Oxford graduate engineer who documents his own “long covid” medical history and does extensive, solid and comprehensible research.


Run-DMC himself suffers from many symptoms that are reminiscent of MAST CELL ACTIVATING SYNDROME.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome MCAS

MCAS is a completely newly discovered disease – a syndrome is a collection of different symptoms that only become a separate disease entity when combined,

Understanding of which has helped us to help a whole set of patients again – if not yet to cure them, we can at least stabilize these MCAS patients and significantly improve them.

The sympotomatics of the mast cell activity

r syndrome (MCAS) is erratic and multifaceted and can be found – these are now memories of my own patients – again in

  • Menopausal hot flashes
  • Migraines or cluster headaches
  • Panic attacks
  • Palpitations
  • Allergic reaction
  • Dizzy spells
  • interstitial cystitis (chronic irritable bladder)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • asthma
  • … ..

there is currently no practical specific diagnostic for the MCAS.

MCAS diagnostics for colleagues: the tryptase value in the event is higher compared to the tryptase value in the interval. Inpractical as the patient usually does not come in the event. So it is most likely a clinical diagnosis that we secure by giving specific MCAS antihistamines and perceiving a good response doing so.

Interview with an MCAS expert

Run-DMC was able to conduct a very interesting interview with an MCAS expert, Dr Tina Peers, and has summarized her treatment suggestions on the following YouTube.

Dr. Peers is apparently a gynecologist and says that 99.8% of the general practitioners she contacted cannot do anything with the MCAS (because a new disease unit) and that the patients therefore have difficulty getting helpful medication (antihistamines) prescribed.


Treatment of MCAS according to Dr. Tina Peers

  • Most important is the diet: histamine-avoiding diets, avoid tea and coffee because these foods inhibit the histamine-degrading DAO
  • Food supplements: quercetin, niacin, VitD, VitC retarded, zinc, selenium, magnesium
  • H1 and H2 inhibitory drugs, montelukast, mast cell stabilizers

after 6 months of appropriate MCAS treatment, most patients feel considerably better. Not free of symptoms but much better, says Dr. Peers


What have we found as working treatments against long covid

LONG COVID = the lasting weakness after coronavirus. So far we have found the following effective measures

1) Alpha H2 + from HG-Pharma -> see one of my YouTube testimonials  seems really to work great! 2-3 days and energy is back.

2) Ozone-saline infusion -> yesterday an enthusiastic patient was in the office, she claimed to be on top again after just one infusion

3) Homeopathic remedy prepared from AMP D12 + ADP D12 + ATP D12, mix all 3 potencies mixed together. I produced that remedy in response to my “Cell Danger Response Articles”, brought my sister back to live in 2 days after she sufferred long covid weakness for weeks!

4) allegedly famotidine (says Klinghardt) – 2 x 80mg -> is an H2 blocker and thus a mast cell stabilizer


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