a US cancer patient “completely metastasized” receives a worm medication from his veterinarian and can thus make his incurable stage 4 lung cancer disappear. A pharmaceutical scientist found this by accident and healed herself from incurable glioblastoma.

There are now several reports of such full remissions by fenbendazole in a wide variety of tumor types. The Pubmed has almost no entries.

Febendazol, the remedy from the reports here, belongs to the group of antiparasitic drugs as well as mebendazole, which we doctors / children like to prescribe as worming agents and which we have been using since our courses and internship with Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis.


Joe Tippens – multi-metastatic, well-treated lung cancer – in full remission for 3 years

since 3 years in full remission with an “own therapy” consisting of food supplements (NEM) and febendazole

Here is his website “MyCancerStory.Rocks” with his biography.


After chemo and radiation fail, Joe is “secretly” given a medication by his veterinarian.

In the interview, Joe Tippens tells of a cancer research scientist at MSD whose cancer mice have been given worms. She dewormed the mice with febendazole and all the inoculated cancers also disappeared. This scientist then got later a glioblastoma (incurable brain tumor with an average of 330 days OCT).

Of course, she knew about the incurability of her cancer and then took the worming agent that had made her mice cancer-free. She is said to have been healthy since 2017, continues to work in cancer research, but must not go public because this would jeopardize her job.

Joe learned of this from his veterinarian and was also provided with the medication by him.

Self treatment course

Joe Tippens took febendazole 1222 mg daily for 4 months over 3 months a week January-April 2017 – as well as a lot of supplements. He never had any side effects. In May, he was cured in the PET / CT scan (MD-Anderson Cancer Center = MDA).

  • Joe takes 2 Tbl Panacur ® 500 (= fenbendazole) 3 days / week
  • Joe takes Tocotrienol 800mg daily (LE Gamma E) 7 days a week
  • highly bioavailable curcumin 600mg daily days / week
  • and 25mg CBD = 1-2 droppers full of the 10% oil (in fact 28 drops = 1ml = 100mg CBD, so to get 25mg you need about 7 drops of 10% oil) daily 7 days / week
  • He maintains this protocol for life, he writes.


Attention – disclaimer

this is not an instruction for action. Such “self-treatment stories” have a hinting character, nothing more. For every carrot and for celery roots, for apricot kernels, dandelion roots or bio-lemons, there are some cases that have been “cured” with it. This means nothing at first, except that you should take a closer look at these substances to find out:

what exactly is doing here, when, in what context and under what circumstances, what exactly and what is disturbing or preventing it at the same time?

Only then can the carrot or lemon be “rationally” – i.e. Targeted and predictably helpful as additional therapy.


can’t the success with Joe also be due to the previously performed chemo?

Certainly not through chemo or radiation, because only during this time did the metastases spread throughout the body. Joe admits, however, that he also had immunotherapy administered as part of the study, which may have caused a very late effect?

However, Joe said that he had learned from the study directors that he was the only one of 1,100 study participants with full remission, only 35% of the study participants met the study goals of an 11-month extension of life and that he was now the only one who would still be alive ,

In this context, he also says that he, Joe Tippen’s “15 followers”, who have exactly cooked up his protocol and otherwise had not done any other “immunotherapy” beforehand have also got well, in another video he tells of now 3-4 reports per week that are leaked to him!


A longer interview with Joe Tippens




Joe Tippens therapy spreads like wildfire

In several interviews, Joe said that he had told only one person about his treatment success, but it spread like wildfire and he finally received hundreds of calls a day.

That’s why he made a blog and a Facebook page so that he himself can rest. His blog has been translated into over 70 languages, also translated into Chinese and has been viewed millions of times there, allegedly> 60,000 people use his protocol there.

There are now 2-3 success stories per week with different types of tumors, which are now collected in a database via these blogs.

multiple metastatic melanoma, prostate, colon, breast, brain tumors, brain metastases of other tumors (febendazole crosses the blood-brain barrier).

He thinks to have 7 success stories of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In 5 of these patients, he claims, the tumor shrinks very slowly, in 2 cases the patients have taken it for 18 months and they are currently in complete remission.

-> Warning: with the Metablock protocol by Prof. Louis Schwartz and with methadone, you can experience such “miracles” in a few (a few) cases. This may justify the attempt in desperate, exhausted cases where no other option is availeable any longer, but in no way as primary therapy!

His oncologist at the MDA is said to be aware of his – Joe Tippens – success with febendazole, but is said not to be able to comment publicly on this, since he is bound by guideline medicine, which belongs to the big companies.

Joe, he says, called the leading febendazole researcher in India, who had been researching fenbendazole as a cancer drug for 12 years and they even had a collaboration with the MD-Anderson Caner Center, which Joe’s MDA oncologist didn’t know.


a TV report about Joe Tipping



From Joe Tippen’s interview: Mechanism of action of fenbendazole

There are 3 effects of fenbendazole being effective against cancer

  • Microtubules are blocked
  • Glucose metabolism is blocked
  • it produces healthy new p53 apoptosis control gene 


Studies confirming fenbendazole’s anti-cancer activity

de facto there are very few studies! In total there are hardly 10 studies that can be used, that is almost nothing! I would never take a drug with so few studies seriously given my experience with drug repurposing and studies.

For cimetidine we find at least 400 studies, for metformin> 2000, for propranolol a good 1000 studies….


Albendazole and fenbendazole activate p53

Czech study from 2019 with melanoma cells that overexpress mutant p53. Alb53 and fenbendazole normalize p53, and other mechanisms induce apoptosis.

KRAS mutant NSCLC lung cancers

Fenbendazole with a structurally related agent is the only one of> 1200 small molecules tested to inhibit these cancer cells. It also potentiates the official MEK inhibitor tranetinib (Mekinist). Studie 2019

Inhibition of microtubules, hexokinase 2, glucose transporters in cancer cells

Indian study from 2018, moderate inhibition of microtubules and glucose levels of cancer cells. Strong cancer inhibition in the mouse test, which is much more impressive than the in vitro inhibitions: see page 11 of the FullTExtPDF

by the way, this is a NATURE study, the queen of science journals !!!!

CON = Control, FZ = Febendazole – significant inhibition of cancer growth in the animals (left bottom) (c) Nature



Canine glioblastomas: Mebendazole much more effective than fenbendazole

The inhibitory force is extremely interesting, being stronger by a factor of 10 with mebendazole than with fenbendazole (although only 1/10 of the dose is given). It can be used to inhibit glioblastoma cells quite effectively. USA 2017 study

Human glioblastoma cell lines are strongly inhibited by mebendazole Study USA 2011

No effect of fenbendazole on breast cancer cells

this US study shows that fenbendazole is useless, even after intensive administration. However, it does not interfere with standard chemo or radiation. Study 2017, the same working group published the same result in 2012

potent cancer-inhibiting effect in lung cancer cells

Indian study from 2012 again shows a very potent anti-cancer effect of fenbendazole but no disturbance / inhibition in healthy cells.

Unexpected cancer inhibition of fenbendazole only in combination with vitamins

Study 2008 – neither Vitanime nor fenbendazole inhibited cancer growth. Both together, however, were very potent !.

What I find very surprising: the singular use of fenbendazole alone accelerated the tumor growth!

Fenbendazole and vitamins and their effect on tumor volume



Mebendazole inhibits melanoma like a kinase inhibitor

It is not fenbendazole but mebendazole that inhibits the melanoma cells in this 2008 study / FullText




about alleged miracle cures with which one can cure cancer ....

about alleged miracle drugs with which one can cure cancer….

In practice, unfortunately, little can stand up to review, especially “monotherapy”.

After 25 years of experience in supporting tumor sufferers, I have now become very realistic. The numbers are my own “from the gut”, “good” for me means regression or even remission.

  • good results with classic homeopathy: approx. 10%
  • good success with orthomolecular medicine: approx. 30%
  • good results with some “miracle cure” like Artemisinin, Laetril (B17), Curcumin,… .. <10%
  • good results with immune stimulation: mistletoe, utilil / recarcin,…. maybe 10%
  • good results with chemotherapy: at least 50%
  • good results with Chemo PLUS additional measures: 60%
  • good results with “enhanced Chemo” PLUS further measures: 70%

that’s honest and roughly corresponds to my experience. Of course, a lot depends on the stage and type of tumor.

There are wizards like Dr. Jens Wurster or Prof. Wolfgang Köstler Senior who have high remission rates without chemo. I’m not one of them!

Special clinics such as the famous St. Georg Clinic in Bad Aibling do “enhanced chemo”, for example, insulin-potentiation and during whole-body hyperthermia, etc.

By the way: the Chinese cloned the St. Georg Klinik Bad Aibling 1:1 and scaled up and rebuilt 1:100 on a scale like Hallstadt using following reasoning:

“After 30 years of US pharmaceutical therapy, we can definitely say that it doesn’t work well. But your clinic has been a leader for 30 years, no matter who you ask. ”  (Personal Information that I got from Dr. Douwes)

Our practice Dr. Retzek in Vöcklabruck: for 25 years now we try to on improve our treatment results by further education and training and observation and research and “individual healing attempts”!

This post here apparently concerns a so-called “Repurposing of drugs”  – this should only be seen as a small component in this concept of “ongoing training and search”. I have already written many articles on the subject of “repurposing drugs”:

  • COC protocol for glioblastomas,
  • CUP9 protocol detto,
  • metformin,
  • cimetidine,
  • Inderal
  • Ivermectin,
  • mebendazole,
  • Niclosamide, … ..

(these pages are not available yet in english languare)

I do not advocate using animal products with this article – this would be absolutely prohibited by law!

Febendazole is not offered to people in the EU, but official EU documents certify that it is harmless up to 2000mg / day and 10d duration of use.

I also don’t know of a veterinarian who would give this medication in the necessary amount.


The interests of those affected are not those of the med establishment

Joe Tippens is currently flooded with inquiries from those affected, interviews from blog operators, TV reports, etc. What can be expected in these cases will now also take place here: a patent-free drug that causes a few dollars a month in therapy costs cannot “run around freely” ,

So: Joe is naive when he thinks he has done something good for himself or the world!


what will happen now ....

As a result, the establishment’s response is quick, international, extensive and sometimes fatal, as a doctor he would already be banned from the profession.

As someone who has been observing this for 25 years, the choreography that is now taking place is clearly predictable, I have written about it on various pages:

there are more profound publications that show in great detail the power of opinion and creative power in the health sector:


and the instrumentalization of GOOGLE as FILTER for the pharmaceutical industry is very exciting

eg search term: “burczynski mercola” here on Google (nothing) – here on BING (some things)

Search term: “retzek ralf herwig” here on Google (nothing) – here on BING (many pages)

This my website is explicitly filtered out by Google, because I report industry-critical and pro-homeopathy every now and then!

I shouldn’t take myself so serious, but it is probably very clear that Google is specifically targeting my website. Since Google does not decide something like that itself, there are other instances that are the players here.

By the way, Google also censors the Republicans in the USA, in this weired country they fight with very unfair means for the soul of the country. I cannot understand e.g. why big business is not pro Trump who deregulates but pro democrats who are actually turned into communists? Maybe to keep labour costs low because of inflated immigration? There is a lot going on very strangely in the US as seen from our continent – not just the killing of wholistic doctors or clinton critics.

I actually dont know anyone in Europes “better countries” (beside Rumania, Greek, ….) who would like to immigrate in “the greatest country of the world”  (to live in moldy boxes and work 24/7 to afford some rich politicians and enterpeneurs an overwhelming live style).


The dismantling of Joe Tipping has already started

In December, a bad TV report “against Joe Tipping” was probably started from Korea.

An Oklahoma Medical Center wants to examine the case reports retrospectively (we know this from the examination of the Clinica St. Croce / Switzerland by the University of Freiburg -> nothing is to be expected here, these are the attempts of the establishment).

There will soon be a ban on selling fenbendazole, last year Ivermectin, after it became known that it had an anti-cancer effect, raised the price to 10,000 / month.

It will stop only when Joe died of cancer, I’m sure we can expect that!



MSD promotional video about Febendazole

affects horses, builds up active levels very slowly and is completely non-toxic to horses, even against those parasites that are resistant to ivermectin.

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