content: two physicians with chronic heart diseases are significantly improved by an experimental senolysis

my own medical history


In recent years I have suffered from myocarditis with significant cardiac arrhythmias and many side noises in connection with metabolic syndrome due to my massive overweight (diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol)

Detailed report

detailed account of my own health problems

For many years I have been “short of breath with exertion” which I attributed to my total of 4 x “cold pneumonia” in the years 1998-2002 and my overweight of up to 134kg at the peak (approx. 2020).

The weight slowly crept in as a result of overeating with simultaneous hypofunction of the thyroid gland (due to my amalgam intoxication after removal of the silver-fillings), every year 1-2 kilos for 30 years “sitting around” and “health-advising”.

For years I was far too exhausted for any sporting effort:

once for many years I only slept 3-4 hours because of work/research – but also because I had 30,000 U/ml Epstein-Barr virus at my best and even afterwards times measured 40,000 U/ml cytomegalovirus, two very annoying chronic viruses in extremely high levels which lead to burnout (in 2004 I had closed the practice for a few months due to burnout).

But as a self-employed person you work yourself and constantly and have no time for “playing around”.

I have had a resting heart rate of 80-90 since around 2018, even before that it was always elevated, which I put down to the excessive coffee consumption (up to 15 Expressos per day to cope with the workload with lack of sleep)

In 2019 I had an acute stabbing heart pain in London for the first time, which the healer Renzo Celani “repaired” for me, who “saw and described” a dystonic cardiac septum. ECG was normal, heart enzymes also.

In 2020 my health began to change: my HbA1c was elevated for the first time and then increased significantly – so I’m diabetic now, of course, when you’re so overweight!

So I completely normalized my HbA1c sugar back to 5.5 and high cholesterol of 280 mg/dl in a few weeks down to 180mg/dl by switching to low-carb. I took metformin anyway as an anti-aging agent at least once a day.

For many years my blood levels have shown high muscle CK levels of up to 700 – I always thought “muscle breakdown through inactivity”.

The heart rhythm disturbances began on January 1, 2021: irregular pulse, long episodes of “bigeminus” and “trigeminus” (regular extrasystoles) with phases of atrial fibrillation.

I finally had my CK levels checked for the heart muscle enzyme CK-MB and was shocked: up to 40% of my high CK levels came from the heart – I had myocarditis!

The corona vaccination was not really good for my heart, the symptoms that were already present worsened significantly! I had to get vaccinated because I couldn’t have done the stem cell / exosome course in Brussels without vaccination!

Extensive virus measurements that I then had done showed no specific trigger for myocarditis:

EBV and CMV, cholesterol and HbA1c were mostly quite good at this point, so there was probably atherosclerotic damage in the conduction system after all?

My blood pressure has often been above 200/120



a blind person can see the irregular heartbeats (extrasystoles) in the following ECG from 2021.

Rhythm ECG in 2 leads with polytopic extrasystoles, partly bigeminus and bundle branch block in April 2021 – shortly after the first Moderna mRNA vaccination


In any case, I had to wait 7 months for an appointment in January 22 with the cardiologist, who was able to essentially confirm these findings with ultrasound, 24-hour ECG, stress ECG, etc.

I have learned to love my iWATCH with which you can measure O2 saturation, ECG and heart rate variability at any time.

(c) Youtube Video über iWatch ECG von DetroitBorg


I was mostly at 93-96% O2 saturation and 12-18ms HRV, often atrial fibrillation.


finally the cardiology results

Trigger ??? The cardiologist couldn’t tell me either.

In any case, high blood pressure, diabetes and the onset of atherosclerosis – all typical lifestyle problems with a focus on “supraventricular arrhythmia” – all of this must have interacted and made me an “old man with heart disease”!


In the 24h ECG: much too high heart rate (85 during the day, 84 at night while sleeping), thousands of supraventricular extrasystoles, hundreds of ventricular extrasystoles.

I actually did 100% pedaling in the ERGO – without any exercise for many months! The ultrasound shows that my heart was already clearly changed by the blood pressure!


The heart rate variability HRV as a HEALTH INDICATOR

in preventive medicine, the HRV measurement is considered the most important indicator for providing quick and precise statements about the overall condition of the organism – especially the STRESS CONDITION and the ability to regenerate.

more details about HRV

In top-class sport, training is primarily based on the HRV, because overtraining (=stress) can be seen very well here. HRV training is carried out in stress medicine, this comes mainly from Wall Street because stressed traders are bad traders -> Heartmath

The heartbeat is not always exactly exact but always adapts a little to the circumstances, e.g. breathing (when breathing in, more blood is drawn into the thorax due to the negative pressure, so the heart has to beat a little faster for a short time).

Relatively high HRV is considered a sign of good health and “biological youth”, children have an HRV of 100ms, young people have an HRV of 50ms, old or very stressed people have an HRV below 20ms, below 10ms you are to die for!

Good articles on this: Heartmath,,,, Wikipedia, Heartmath


Researching stem cells in 2022

I wrote about SENOLYSE for the first time in 2018, did the stem cell training in Brussels in 2021, it wasn’t until spring 2022 that I stumbled across the first clinical studies on Senolysis and it wasn’t until June 2022 that a YouTube post was the “door opener”

Read my post about eliminating senescent cells

In COSTA RICA, the SENOLYSE + autologous STEM CELL activation, which has only been carried out in numerous clinical studies to date, is already being carried out in clinics (approx. 25,000.00).

I gave this information to my friend, the doctor Dr. Julian. He himself had suffered a post-corona complication in spring 2022: an infusion led to a “venflow infection” with subsequent bacterial endocarditis and subsequent bacterial meningitis, which he only just survived.

Since then, Dr. Julian hat a resting pulse of > 90, a sick heart rate variability of less than 20ms.


Such a complicated infection after coronavirus is not entirely atypical because the corona (as well as mRNA vaccination) leads to immunosuppression and as a result herpes and herpes zoster outbreaks (“monkey pox”) but also reactivation of already well treated Lyme disease or EBV or even cancer.

We see a breakdown of the killer cells – especially NK3 cells – in the immune measurements, which leads to these relatively long-lasting immune deficiency states after Covid (as well as vaccination).

Dr Julian regenerates his heart

a few days after I talked to Dr. Julian about senolysis, he got back to me: “I did the senolysis and my resting heart rate is now at 60 and my heart rate variability is gradually increasing and is now at 51ms!


That was the last impetus to carry out the SENOLYSIS and STEM CELL ACTIVATION on myself in June 2022 using a D/Q/F-Protocol with Filgrastim.


In fact, I experienced the same miracle as Dr. Julian

my heart regenerated, my resting heart rate is now at about 70, I have a completely normal sinus rhythm, the ECG no longer shows any abnormalities, since then I haven’t been able to detect a single extrasystole on the iWatch or in the HeartCheck.

Completely normal ECG in sinus rhythm (measured while standing with 75 pulse)


Again the comparison before – after

EKG by Dr. Retzek before / after SENOLYSIS – STEM CELLS stimulation


I experienced an unbelievable increase in my HRV to about 50ms – during sleep the HRV even goes up to 100ms.


That this HRV improvement is not just “sick sinus syndrome” can be seen on the following ECG, which I did together with the one written above:

beautiful sinus rhythm that shows a large HEART RATE VARIABILITY due to strong inhalation (underlined)

Here I “breathed” the ECG to demonstrate the HRV responses in the ECG through breathing. Deep “BREATHING IN” is underlined in red and the heartbeat shows a high degree of variability.


Rejuvenation at all levels by at least 15 years

Usually I am – currently 59 years old – in various measurements always a few years older – usually 66-69 years, because as described I life the perfect physicians live:

severely obese and heart disease and diabetic and episodic smoker and sport-is-murder and a lot of stress and you-can-sleep-when-you-are-dead and to many drinks to destress at night.

But now, after Senolysis I measure at 51 years

But now, after my own SENOLYSIS + STEM CELL ACTIVATION, I not only measure a completely normal ECG, super HRV values, but also a biological age of 51 years in the iHEART PULSE CURVE ANALYSIS – a significant rejuvenation from the previous 66 years!


based on the PULSE CURVE, the biological age is dated at 51 years

Detto in our large HRV measurement, here too I come to 54 years biological age instead of 59 years real – last year I measured myself with the large HRV for the last time and came to 69 years!

An age shift from 69 to 51 years in the various measurements – unbelievable!


Sports is funny all of a sudden

I joined a group of men straight away and cycle 34 km a week with 560 meters of altitude difference, and even after the Ordi in the evening I quickly get on my bike 20 km to visit Alfons and Dorothea for three summer-wine-soda.


Laboratory post senolysis / stem cells stimulation

I hat to waited over 1 month to measure my laboratory values. Lately I’ve been enjoying “regular bread” instead of “protein bread” relatively carefree and drank beer quite often, which is really bad for my long-term sugar – from experience I would have expected HbA1c of 7.2.

But to my utter surprise

  • Long-term sugar HbA1c 5.5
  • normal liver values ​​for the first time in many, many years, these had always been elevated since hepatitis vaccination 25 years ago
  • CK-MB is now at 0.4% – regular CK at 1200 but bike ride the day before
  • PSA despite bike tour the day before 0.67
  • These are the best blood values ​​I’ve had in the last 30 years!

Unfortunately, my blood pressure is still high!



  • Dr Julian has significant heart problems after bacterial endomyocarditis, these have completely disappeared after SENOLYSE and his HRV is fantastically “rejuvenated”
  • After many years of lifestyle abuse, Dr. Retzek has a sick heart, blood pressure, sugar and much more and was biologically “pre-aged” by 6-10 years.
    After SENOLYSIS + STEM CELL ACTIVATION, he too has recovered objectively from the HEART and has “biologically” rejuvenated by many years in various measurements.
  • Lenna – my wife, who took part in the SENOLYSE with me, unfortunately only got 5 years younger during the measurements, I have to live with an old woman right now!  (addition some days later: after rechecking a week later she is now 12 years younger than her biological age)


trainings of Dr. Retzek in regenerative medicine

  • GSAAM diploma training as a German anti-aging doctor
  • OEGOM training to become an ÖÄK-certified doctor for orthomolecular medicine
  • ISCCA training to become an ISCCA-certified doctor for “Exosomes & Stem-Cells”
  • Extensive certified HORMON therapy training courses:
    • RIMKUS training as a RIMKUS hormone therapist,
    • Douwes training as a hormone specialist at St. Georg Klinik / Bad Aibling,
    • Römmler training as a GSAAM hormone therapist,
  • other courses with hormone specialists: Prof. DDr. Johannes Huber, Prof. Dr. Metka, Prof. Dr. Thierry Herthoge
  • first Austrian doctor with cardisiography – 3D-ECG with artificial intelligence
  • List of all training and further education of Dr. Helmut Retzek


In the last few months I have been working very intensively on senolysis including stimulation of the body’s own stem cells


And what I found – what is coming

and will actually be available in 3-5 years is “Mind-Blowing” – a complete revolution in medicine as a whole. Degenerative diseases up to Alzheimer’s and cancer can be cured in a few weeks!

The treatments described in the article linked below are currently in FDA Phase 1-3 clinical trials in the US, so should actually be available any time soon (although I doubt the companies will let the cancer business be stolen from them).

Incredible beautiful new stem cell world

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