this is my present protocoll based an pubmed-research adressing the underlying causes of Parkinson’s disease. I have maschine-translated my german client-Information. My research is ongoing and mainly published on my main (german language) website

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Parkinson’s Protocol Dr. Retzek

Thu Jun 1, 2023

Explanations (for professionals involved)

  • Parkinson’s is the result of the death [8] of important dopamine nerve cells in a the brains nigro-striatal area.
  • Due to strong dopamine production, a lot of oxidative stress is released in the dopamine neurons, which becomes particularly aggressive because of the pigment neuromelanin  [1] (which is polymerized insoluble oxidized dopamine) that has accumulated there.
  • Oxidative stress is particularly triggered by iron and metal deposits in the brain. Too much iron in the blood is therefore bad! [2]
  • This oxidative stress [3] changes a local structural protein called a-SYNUCLEIN [4] in such a way that it clumps together to form hard-to-dissolve deposits (like dirt and filth in an apartment in the corners on the floor) [5]
  • This dirt/lurch has the unpleasant property of defending itself against being “sucked away”, the vacuum cleaner is blocked by it, as if it were made of long Mikado sticks.
    The vacuum cleaner is the cell cleaning called AUTOPHAGY [6], which is blocked by a-synuclein aggregates.
  • If there is now a certain amount of filth in the cell, a safety instance “UPR” [7] decides that the dirty nerve cell is better off dying off. A “dirty cell” could become cancerous, and that must be prevented at all costs.
  • Although that’s actually fatal now, because you’re still better off in a dirty apartment than without an apartment, this security instance UPR is simply programmed in such a way that it monotonously lets dirty cells die off – people never used to get sooo old, then that didn’t come to fruition. The UPR is also responsible for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, everywhere the affected nerve cells simply die off because the UPR does not tolerate pollution!
  • Once 80% of the nerve cells have died, so much dopamine is missing that you notice Parkinson’s. This is then actually irreversible and continues to progress.


Conventional medical treatment

one tries to increase the dopamine content with the tablets (L-Dopa, PK-Merz, ….). This also works quite well for a long time – but because this treatment has no effect whatsoever on the basic processes and causes of the disease, the disease unfortunately progresses.

Causal therapy program by Dr. Retzek

First of all, it must be said that NO healing in the sense of a RESTITUTION of the HEALTHY state is currently possible with this degenerative disease.
The treatment can – if you understand the processes, it becomes clear – only slow down the further progression, in the best case bring it to a standstill.
Real improvement is only possible through stem cells, unfortunately this is not yet available today (but there will be: Fa Biosplice).

1) Reduction of iron deposits – in animal experiments it is possible to halve the speed of Parkinson’s disease with DESFERAL (monthly infusion)

2) Prevention of the a-synuclein aggregation – with TREHALOSE – in animal experiments, a noticeable improvement in the motor function of the Parkinson’s mice treated in this way was achieved. 2 tablespoons per day in food/drink.

3) Activation of Autophagie – with SPERMIDIN – 12mg daily – autophagy can be reactivated. In animal experiments, no further dopamine neurons died as a result

4) Switching off the “die-off program” UPR – with the sleeping pill Trazodone ®. Even if you sleep well – it doesn’t matter – Trittico switches off UPR and the damaged nerve cells don’t die off anymore, they probably work less well – but still. I’ve had noticeable success with Alzheimer’s in practice

5) Activation of stem cells – with FILGRASTIM. This long-established bone marrow stimulating agent releases many stem cells. These are then harvested for stem cell transplants, for example. Some of these stem cells produced by filgrastim also go to the brain, where they improve regeneration. In animal experiments, it was possible to achieve a noticeable improvement in motor performance.

6) Improve overall mitochondrial function with METHYLENE BLUE. This long-established dye leads to an optimization of the mitochondrial metabolism throughout the body, more energy is released. Initial studies even show that methylene blue can reduce the original trigger – the oxidative stress in the nerve cells.
4 drops methylene blue in the morning, 2 drops in the evening.


Instructions  / Table

  • Trehalose 2-3 tablespoons daily, as a sweetener
  • Spermidine 12mg at night at bedtime
  • Trazodone 2/3 – of a 75 mg retard tablet at bedtime, more also allowed
  • Methylene Blue 4 / 2 drops in water or beverage morning/evening
  • Filgrastim once per month 1 (-2) injections s.c. with 30 million
  • Desferal an infusion once a month


Attention: all this is “off-label” in the context of an “individual healing attempt”. It must a lapel to be signed for this.

what else could be interesting?
• Lithium to regrow brain cells – 5mg Lithium Orotate
• Pregnenolone 50mg or Progesterone 100mg (Utrogest oral) to regenerate brain
• naturally VitD + K2 – eg 5000 IU + 200µg
• Homeopathic stem cell stimulation with Substantia nigra D6 twice a day
• Low Dose Naltrexone (eg study here, or entry on the ALS website) – 3mg in the evening after 9pm
• CBD 10mg (2 caps a 5mg) brings something (study) –> where to buy: Lukovitaal on
• Brain infections must of course be treated (borreliosis, HERV, HHV6, Borna …)

what where how when

• Buy CBD at
• Substantia Nigra D6 GL globules WALA – BARLACH Pharmacy, Bad Boll
• LDN – Rosenwind Apotheke Seewalchen / Austria – prescription required
• Spermidine – I don’t have a good source yet, 2 or 3mg capsules are usual, dose up to 12mg accordingly
• Lithium – best to buy from us, hard to come by (we import it from the US)
• Utrogest = health insurance preparation (in Austria) prescription necessary
• Filgrastim = store in the refrigerator – prescription necessary

stem cell induction
• Cerebellum GL D6 2 x 5 vials
• Cerebrum C7 2 x 5 glb

brain regeneration
• Lithium orotate: 2 x 1 tbl
• Progesterone 100mg (Utrogest): at night at bedtime
• Melatonin: 3mg at night at bedtime
• Magnesium: as a multi-salt or complex with at least 5 salts – at least 600 mg / day

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