interesting report on a severe traumatic brain injury and complete recovery from homeopathy and progesterone

This story is so interesting that I put it to my own blog page – not listed in the research / research area. Maybe this report can serve one or the other patient!

This report supplements my main page about progesterone as well as about skull brain trauma

Progesterone is amazing!

in about 2010 I got a phone-call: “a truck drove over the head of my child, she is in intensiv care and because of the brain swelling they removed the skull bone. What could you recommend to me homeopathically to support her? “.

In such a situation, of course, you do not pay attention to the rule “do not treat patients over the phone” and I gladly provided information.

In addition to the corresponding homeopathic-injury pills, I gave the reference to progesterone:

“Please print all the studies that are available on my homepage on my progesterone page, give them to colleagues in the hospital and ask them for the next 3-6 days to administer 100mg of progesterone per day to your child. The mortality is thereby reduced by 50% and the long-term results are much much better! “.

The mother did as she was told and unfortunately the hospital colleagues threw away the studies (Jama, New England Journal of Medicine) and laughed at my statements.  “You find for everything some study, that does not mean anything”. 

However, the mother had progesterone creme for her own HRT therapy and secretly smeared progesterone on the skin of her her daughter for the next few days.

After ten days, the next call came: “Doctor, how should we proceed?”

I answered: “they would now probably try to wake up your daughter from the deep sleep, then you will see, if she even wakes up or stays in coma, if woken then if she recognizes something, if she can speak or is paralyzed, etc. Depending on her state I can stimulate the injured region in the brain with certain homeopathic remedies “.

One should only think of Michael Schumacher, as how the outcome of such brain trauma usually looks!

The mother let me finish and interrupts me finally: “…… yes, …… but we are already walking in the courtyard of the hospital for three days ….”.

Now I was stunned and excited!

Long-term results

After 6 months the daughter comes to me to pick up homeopathic remedies for re-implantation of her skull. So far, she has only had the skin but no bone over her brain and it was a bit creepy to be able to touch her brain through the skin!

On questioning her she replies that she has been working fully again for already 3 months (office) and has no memory problems, headaches, weather sensitivity, dizziness or other neurological limitations, yes – and she has not become clear-sighted either.


This report by no means detracts from the great work of the wonderful neurological intensive medicine.

But using new knowledge just available in the pubmed in addition can simply optimize the healing process of even severe cases. This knowledge is not automatically transferred to the hospital, as long as it concernes natural substances, hormons or physical therapies, as the regular knowledge-transfer process is always connected to some new and usually highly expensive drug.

It is also no shame for a senior physician to not know the latest research reports

What’s annoying though, especially for the patients that come back to me angrily – the regularity with which my often well-researched and well-founded referrals or hints are ignored, either with the remark “there are no studies” or the remark “there are studies for everything, so we do not care”. 

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