“homeopathic stem cell therapy”

the term is misleading but arguably the most appropriate. We owe it to the great homeopath Eckart Seherr-Thohs, who unfortunately died much to early, for drawing our attention to a small entry in a French homeo-cancer book:

“In the case of nerve damage from chemotherapy, give the homeopathically potentiated nerve for regeneration”.

In fact, he was able to help a patient arriving in a wheelchair after chemotherapy because of sciatica damage with a potentiated sciatic nerve; she walked around proudly again after 2 months.

Pudendal Nerve Neuralgia

We then have been able to help several patients suffering of this terribly annoying and painful pudendal nerve syndrome with potentiated nervus pudendus.

Nearly Deaf and Blind

Finally, I was able to improve a 19-year-old female patient with almost complete loss of vision and hearing:  she started to become blind and deaf since a meningitis in the third year of life.

It is now like a miracle that we could improve vision + hearing with a potentiated visual / auditory nerve preparation so much, that she is able to phone directly and writing a message.

Her mom told me, that as a school girl she often lost her way because she didn’t here the bus-drivers announcement neither could she see and identify the station where to get out for school.

Thats actualy a miracle for me and demonstrates the potential of this method.

Improvement of used up knees

I was also able to improve 2 patients with “bone-on-bone-broken-knee” so much that – instead of pain with every step – they can now work all day.

the woman is a farmer and happy that she can ride her truck again, make her cheese and care for her cows. Both knees affected, orthopedist told her surgury is the only option, cartilage is completely gone.

Yes, the improvement already came through Prolozon – proliferation – therapy (according to Shallenberger) – but now with stem cell homeo, both completely symptom-free.

One of the patients – the man – even sent us a video of skiing (he is in the youtube on the left side of the picture skiing down the bumpy ski-slope), a few months earlier he could not even sleep because of the “broken knee – only surgery is possible, says the orthopedist” – see video on the right

maybe you can use youtubes translation to see following  Interview after we did a Prolozone Injection some months earlier

How can something like that work?

In my humble opinion only by stimulating the stem cells for tissue regeneration.

Disadvantage: you have to take the globules twice a day for a long, long, long time.

Adress your homeopath or take up contact with me (best by phone, email is totally overloaded) if you want to give it a try, the treatment costs almost nothing!


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