Monday, February 24, 2020
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My Cancercure Rocks

a US cancer patient "completely metastasized" receives a worm medication from his veterinarian and can thus make his incurable stage 4 lung cancer disappear....

Pancreatic Carcinoma: fungal infection a driving factor – cancer and infection

Pancreatic cancer: the tissue is 3,000 times more contaminated with fungi (especially Malassezia). Fungal treatment improved the OST. Slow pancreatic carcinomas could even be...

Methadone as an usefull adjuvant to regular cancer treatment

english version of my research regarding Methadone, a tool in our toolbox conquering cancer. This article is written for my US-Friends.   Discovery of a useful...

Warts – Papilloma Virus – HPV – Cancer – what to do

Collective site with effective strategies against HPV virus HPV - much worse than commonly known, what actually have I found that helps against this cancer...