Sunday, September 4, 2022
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clinical studies on SENOLYSE – so far these have not taken place

Senolysis is a promising therapeutic concept for many chronic degenerative disorders and diseases, even all age-related decline. So exciting is zombicell senolysis that clinical trials...

eliminate senescent cells

Cells that have divided up to the Hayflick limit remain in the body as " senescent cells " and constantly send out inflammatory emergency signals that cause many...

beautiful new stem cell world

Dr Osman Kibar , from Biosplice , is about to receive approval for a completely new stem cell therapy : the knees of 10,000 patients were already...

Cancer and tumor senescence – does senolysis make sense after chemotherapy?

Senescence is supposed to prevent cancer formation! Senescence – is the cells inability to continue dividing once a certain cell age has been reached –...

Senolytics – clinical trials

many of the clinical trials currently underway for senolysis were all initiated around 2019 and presumably interrupted by COVID. Since the senolysis is carried out...

my heart regeneration by cardiac senolysis

content: two physicians with chronic heart diseases are significantly improved by an experimental senolysis my own medical history summary In recent years I have suffered from myocarditis...