Summary of the article: lying with head southwards, my biophotons show their best. Little worse is head to the east, then to the west. But – interestingly: northwards sleeping is a killer and my biofield tests as if I had cancer.


Kekulé’s dream of the serpent

Benzene (c) Wikipedia
August Kekule, German chemist (c) Wikipedia

August Kekulé dreamed up the answer to an unsolved chemical problem, the structural formula of benzene

It was the same with me and my sleeping position tonight:

I dreamed sleeping unrestful because the “biophoton field of the earth” interacting with “my own biophoton field” in a wrong way.

It is clear that our bed or the sleeping position to the east could not be optimal, because I always wake up the same: unrefreshed and tired.

Usually I attribute that to about a 2h lack of sleep, but today I was waking up due to holidays after 12h sleeping – still tired!

The Earths field clearly goes North-South and If I lie across to that field it will not improve my bodies energetic level.



Biophoton testing to answer important questions – eg sleeping place

(c) Heli Retzek 2017 RAC Testing of the Bioenergetic Field

After my intense nocturnal dream, I had to act this morning and use our own biophoton test to find out the best sleeping position.

We use this bioenergetic test procedure to measure our patients health:

by measuring their biophoton polarization and by optimizing their polarization-field using different commercial therapies (orthomolecular, homeopathic, medicinal drugs) we are actually rather successful in our praxis, better anyways as back these days when I used only medical drugs or only functional medicine therapy devised just by having a theory and blood lab values.

Renzo Celani’s light kinesiology is essentially based on the same basic principle:

using his ingenious mirror-polfilter combination as treatment tool he simply optimizes the biophoton field of patients, and the results are simply spectacular!

At the light kinesiology course last week I met the Potsdam doctor Dr. med. Christian Schellenberg,

Christian has been using the “Renzo-mirrors” for a long time now and showed me photos of a patient with Graves’ disease:

“bulging eyes” before the treatment, the following day completely normal eyes,

for me no sign at all of the years lasting bulging from Grave’s.

Pictures taken one month later: no Graves disease sign detectable in lab/blood, eyes completely in order (!! ) – an unheard-of result!


Magnetic field of the earth in north-south direction

(c) Wikipedia

The earth also has a polarization field that runs from north to south.

So if you move around in this field, could it also affect the body’s pole field (head-> foot)?

Aura in Kirlian photography amplified with high-frequency fields (c) Wikipedia


We humans emit biophotons in all directions around the body, as shown in the Kirlian photo right here.

This mainly consists of a photon field of radiated energy particles (light particles), which are emitted during metabolic processes as released chemical excitation energy.


Measurement of the polarization direction of the body field as a diagnostic method

These fields described above can be tested bioenergetically, we measure with our polfilter test the polarization direction of the body’s own field (article about that not yet translated into English)

A body field that runs along the body axis of the head-foot is perfect and healthy. A deviation of the polarization angle is to be regarded as a disturbance, maximum deviation is at 90 °, which we can find eg with cancer.


Measuring in your own bed – sleeping-bed-lying-direction has enormous influence on the body field

our bedroom is electrosmog cleared by nailing earthing sheets to the wall. They shield pretty good and neutralize the sometimes enormous external mobile phone radiation. I got that documented in a youtube video, not translated to english though.


Actually the other rooms of our house we have protected using the YShield Color, here you see our kids coloring our kitchen / living room and me taking measurements.



YShield is the deal – put all WIFI devices on the line

(c) COLOR + Fiber Additiv

You take the regular yshild color but dont forget to add the graphit tube “fiber additiv” to it to keep it working even if cracks are in the wall.

Our whole house is Wi-Fi free. In this regard, we have taken precautions. To get rid off the WIFI we had to put all the stuff we use regularly (TV, Laptop, Desktop, Phones, Alexa, Chromecast, Fire-Stick) on a fix cable bound Ethernet and thats easier as I thought.

If we have stuff that needs WIFI I just turn it on if needed for short time.

–> Ethernet-Adaptor for Chromecast / Fire-Stick / Alexa

–> Ethernet-Adaptor for iPad, iPhone

Actually it is of no problem, because we just have defined places in the house where we use the devices.

Just the bathroom: I have enough youtubes (premium) downloads so that I can do my business and watch at that time an interesting show or a scientific talk – highest recommendation has

How to measure EMF = electrosmog

please use the professional devices from German Company Gigahertz Solutions, all Pro’s world wide use them. They are affordable.

better you get as well the measuring box MK20 that also containing the low frequency measuring device NF20

did not find an US amazon link that contains the combined offer called MK20, is 10% cheaper and has a nice container.


Head south sleeping position optimal, north worst

If I lay down on bed

  • with the head to the east (which was our previous sleeping direction) I test on the body with 30 ° polarization field direction, so moderately good.
  • If I lie to the north with my head, then I test 90 °, so as if I had a serious illness.
  • If I lie with my head to the west, then I test 45 °, much worse than to the east, but much better than to the north.
  • If I lie with the head to the south, my field is 0 °, so optimal.

The same with Lenna. Already 20 ° lying direction deviation from the optimal position worsens the body field by 20 °.

We immediately reorganized our bedroom, so we will always sleep south heading in the future. If you look on the internet you will find exactly these details (I did not know that before), e.g. here on some matrace blog.


now forthcoming text concerns only people that are trained in kinesiology, especially Klinghardt ART or Renzo Celanis Light-Kinesiology, otherwise you would not understand the text.

Renzo Celani: improve sleeping quality with acrylic signal amplifiers 

At the last light kinesiology course, Renzo has told us that with 4 of his signal enhancement acrylic panels positioned at the bedside at the beds corners, you can build a positive recuperation field.

Signal Amplifier Acrylic (Image (c) Metatron Pharmacy Vienna). Orginal are colorless

Signal amplifier boards

Signal Amplifier Acrylic (Image (c) Metatron Pharmacy Vienna). Orginal are colorless

the inventor of the signal amplifier is unclear because the ingenious doctor and teacher Dietrich Klinghardt, Seattle rebrands everything. In any case, these enormously important kinesiological work tools come to my knowledge from attending the Klinghardt School and you can buy them in Europe at his institute INK . If anyone knows the US-Source please email me.

Renzo has found signal boosters on steroids

Renzo has written to numerous acrylic companies and has received samples of various acrylates and tested them.

Biophoton plate by Renzo Celani. Is cut from large plates and polished edge. Captures the biophoton radiation of the body and collects / concentrates it (c) Metatron Pharmacy Vienna

Renzo told us to test the 4 booster-plates to be used in the same cutting direction, Renzo does this with the tensor and the finger on one side of the plate. Depending on the cutting direction of the plate, the tensor wags differently.

Testing the biophoton plate with the polarizer filter

you take your own pulse. Depending on the plate position, you can find either 0 ° or 90 ° with the polarizing filter over the plate. So you can mark the plates clearly.

So it seems clear that these plates themselves act like polarizing filters, we will continue to test in this regard, as this might mean that the direction of rotation of the plates could affect our measurements.

Having marked the panels, you can place them on the 4 corners of the bed, or put the bed on top, or just as we did: place the panels inside the cavity of the bed with the panels in the same orientation.


Plates improve the body’s own polarization field

in fact, with the plates under the bed and the head to eastern direction, I have only 20° instead of 30, to the west only 30° instead of 45°. North we did not measure and south direction I was already at 0 °, Lenna said during testing that the 0° now he was even stronger.


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