Lenna and I attended a training from April 28 to May 3 in St Louis / Missouri with Dr. med. Simon Yu, afterward we did some days of internship with Simon.

We arrived one day earlier and worked through the “top 15 things to see in St. Louis” systematically.

St. Louis is beautiful – for us the most beautiful city in the US so far – clean and well maintained like no other city we have been to. Absolutely recommended, we would have liked to have 2 or 3 days more to explore the sourroundings of St. Louis.

River Cruise on the Mississippi and Trip up the Gate are absolute must on a St Louis Visit. Otherwise you can stick to the top 15 list. Budweiser Visit we did: recommended! Pappi’s BBQ was the best for us.


3 days – 400 slides – many measurements and explanations

Dr. Simon Yu is now retired “full colonel” of the army and a military doctor specialized in internal medicine and was for 20 years US Army doctor and soldiers in remote areas, including in the jungle and had to treat these as well as the local population against parasites.

As head of a paramedic unit, he treated 20,000 Peruvians for parasites. The occurring “accidental” healings of serious illnesses were extraordinary and so Dr. Yu more intensively engaged in the treatment of parasites.

Dr. Yu always uses a mix of up to 5 antiparastics which he applies for months. The dosages and application times are extraordinary (high / long), but the successes confirm this approach. Instead of getting “liver values” by the mass of tablets he finds that elevated liver enzymes normalize, we can confirm that in the meantime.

At times, he alternates parasite medication with antifungal tablets, and here too he always uses at least two to three fungicides because otherwise the fungus converts from the yeast into the mycelial form (or vice versa) and only so he gets the therapy done successfully.

Dr. Yu describes that just by incomplete parasite treatments side effects would occur because the “parasites at the top of the food chain are still above the people”,

and parasites would thereby withdraw incomplete underdosed treatments to more protected areas of the body (eg brain, liver, pancreas) and then trigger inflammatory reactions there.


Dr. Yu has unparalleled expertise in the treatment of parasitic and fungal diseases that we – 5 US doctors, Lenna and myself – learned there.

5 US doctors and the Austrians dr. Retzek and Lenna Retzek at the course of Dr. med. Simon Yu in beautiful St. Louis / USA

Meridian measurement central diagnostic tool

Dr. Simon Yu uses the EAV (electro-acupuncture after full) as a central instrument of diagnosis and therapy. He could not cope with the normal EAV: way too slow, too complicated, too many points. It measures only the meridians’ control points and some additional points, in total 40 points, the measurement results are very clearly plotted.

Dr. Yu is only interested in “deficiency” conditions where there is not enough energy, this only becomes interesting at 35. “Excessive” conditions do not interest him, these are usually repair processes that do themselves, only the lack requires medical support.

This overview measurement is sufficient for him to put together a therapy program together with the anamnesis, which is then again checked for efficacy at the “disturbed meridian points”: the measurement points show a normal reading of at least 50 if the medications are well adjusted , Simon was very precise, with me he was not satisfied with a measurement of 49, after conversion of the drugs, he came to 51 and was satisfied with it.

During the course we had to learn all the points and practice the measurement regularly. We had a lot of gauges available from a Kindling representative extra from Canada!


Live patient in the class from Amsterdam

and as confirmation, on the second day of our course, a live patient came to us from Amsterdam.

She had previously completed numerous trips to India, Vietnam, etc. and is now suffering from a severe and strange PNP or disease with multiple par- and dys-aesthetic complaints, fatigue, inflammation, etc., etc., is hardly workable. One of them was eg “feeling of something alive” behind the eyes, dizziness, utter nausea, weight loss of 15kg, strong feeling of pressure in the left upper abdomen (spleen area), all massively worse at full moon time.

For about 10 years, she has grazed in total to the 20 doctors, homeopaths, etc. without anywhere to get an improvement. She is convinced to be affected by parasites, the biological parasite remedies she has gotten or that she has got herself (Hulda Clark) help a little, do something but do not heal, the Hulda-Clark Zapper has only spread the worms , it came after prolonged use to a widening of discomfort to the whole body!

We have also learned that many worms are especially active in the reproductive cycle at full moon time.

Dr. Yu has identified three distinct tooth foci that need to block and correct the immune system, as well as severe parasitic stress and her prescribed a regimen of 5 antiparasitic drugs.

Another live case in the course

The highlight of the course was certainly the man of a participant – she is a doctor, he is a lawyer and writer. As a sufferer and husband of a participating doctor, he was allowed to attend 2 days of the course to learn more about the background of his treatment, otherwise the course is only for doctors. Below I describe the case of an extremely extensive cancer in full remission.


Exam at the end of the course

Final Exam at the end of the three-day course – working through 1.5kg of scripts and testing each other again and again – was the “blind measuring” of acupuncture meridians


Dr. Retzek measures Dr. Yu blindly for the “final exam”

Lenna Retzek does her exam


Internship in the practice of Dr. med. Yu

After the course, we were still in the ordination for two more days. Yu and several new patients and many FollowUps experienced, also talked to the whole team and interviewed in the infusion room numerous patients – who did not come to the doctor but only to a running infusion or Haemo laser therapy.


For example, we had a new 35-year-old Fatigue patient with “Post Lyme Syndrome” who flew from New York to St. Louis “as a last hope, having tried everything for 15 years”.

She has been suffering from chronic illness since she was 12 years old and had antibiotic therapy for many years. Nobody could help her so far.

She has been treated once by the “WHO’s parasite expert” in New York (yes, who always gives interviews on TV) and has told us that she only gets ivermectin from her for one day against Strongyloides would have. A very incomplete therapy Yu.


Dr. Yu now prescribed it 4 times a day

Ivermectin + praxiquantel + pyrantel-pamoate + tinidozole + mebendazole

    alternating with

Ketoconazole and itroconazole

Of course, some natural substances and homeopathic remedies to aid the process and minimize side effects, as well as 4 gall bladder flushes.

Interestingly, the parasite agents tested individually in this patient negative, only in combination they test well.

The prescriptions are always individual – not protocol – and are tested for efficacy by AMA. Dr. Yu denies a fixed protocol, allegedly “Dr. Simon Yu parasite protocol “was made by others after a conversation and circulated. The drugs are measured by AMA and adjusted individually.

In this regard, our previous procedure is very similar, we also test drugs (including chemotherapy) individually on the patient with our RAC / Polfilter test. The really new for us are the high doses and combinations of antiparasitic agents.

I have often seen in our practice in Vöcklabruck that a special combo preparation of Ivermectin + Pyrantel + Praxiquantel very often tested well, but since the individual preparations have not tested, I have considered this as an artifact and not as an indication of parasites. A mistake!

Also Dr. Simon Yu noted that only in the combination of the drugs the tests and results are positive.

Also unique is his assessment of the need to restore teeth. Simon sees patients who are not persuaded to tackle their root canals to respond badly, only incomplete therapies, etc., he has all the cavities burned out, and all root cancers are definitely removed.

Dr. Yu has – in order to have no waiting – extra bought an OPG and put into practice. Gorgeous, in a few minutes you have the current dental status of the patients!


Esophageal Cancer Case: In our practice, we have talked to a patient with large metastatic esophageal carcinoma who is currently completely symptom-free:

He separated from his root canal treatment the same day he was consulted with Simon. He was there with his whole family and everyone confirmed that the dad / man is doing great, that he can work all day.

At present, he does not control because the oncologist rejects him because he does not do chemotherapy. However, the blood levels have normalized completely, but the tumor marker CEA is now below 1.

further first-hand information about the Med system in the USA

An MR costs in the US 10,000, -, even the deductible for the insurance is 1000, – – I have this information from the daughter of a cancer patient of Dr. med. Yu.

She herself is a nurse, her father is patient of Dr. Yu in whose praxis we talked to her.

She told us that she herself paid for a MR $ 1000, – deductible despite insurance and she does not know how to finance a control MR for her father that costs 10,000, -.

She was desperate because she was not sure if Dr. Yu’s therapy would be successfull, even though the tumormarker CEA has gone down from 8 to 3 and all other laboratory values ​​have normalized.

The father’s oncologist refuses any further checkup because they are not doing chemo now. I accidentally saw the father’s latest CEA at 0.4 the next day and then called her (with the permission of Dr. Yu), she crying of relief during my phonecall!

With us in Ö an MR costs 170, – to 300, -, contrast agent extra again 39, – if necessary and our radiologists are not really poor or starving.

This means that the US insurances not only cash an huge amount of insurance fees, but that they actually earn heavily on each MRs deductible, because they buy the MR’s at the institutions in bulk very cheap. An incredibly corrupt system! Medicines cost only 1/10 across the border in Canada and only a 1/30 in Mexico, as in the US. It is unbelievable how the poor Americans are ripped off by their corrupt pharmaceutical system and the complacent politicians that are payed off by this system. As Simon told me recently (July 2019) the important chelation agent DMPS got a price rise from 15,- dollars to 57.000,- (via the FDA) – which basically prohibits the detoxification of people from Mercury, Arsen, Cadmium and other toxic heavy metals. There is no other explanation than willingly keeping people sick to be able to rip them off!

Anyone who gets involved in this, is simply “put down”, in the truest sense of the word. The owner of a large pharmacy chain in Canada has been klled last month, a common practice for the United States if a doctor criticizes the system.

In the last few years, a s_uicidl and kllng wave has hit hulistic phisicians in the US, many unexpectedly die from strange “chest shots” – being declared suizdal – or are mordered by unknown persons.

And – of course the website that documents everything  “health_nut_news_com” (without _) is listed out of Google and DuckDuckGo, I scramble this text otherwise I get listet as well.

Dr. Simon Yu wants to stay covered – in the US nothing is known about his achievements, he is not sure how much his army past can protect him.

His patients know all about that I found out.

Amazing success in Canzer

We have with Dr. med. Simon Yu met several canzer patients who are currently in full remission despite initially extensive metastases.

It seems that Dr. Yu found a very important piece of the puzzle for the treatment of serious and very serious diseases:

parasites and dental problems.

The parasitic agents, however, already have a cancer-inhibiting effect on their own. Ivermectin, in meanwhile 150 studies, shows a drastic anti-cancer effect. Assigning Yu to a pyruvate kinase.

Ivermectin has even been effectively published as unique against cancer stem cells.


But of course it got a decent price raise in the last year  for about 3000% – getting a treatment instead 200 USD up to 6000 USD



Testing for Dr. med. Yu central in diagnosis and therapy finding

Dr. Yu calls his bioenergetic test AMA (Advanced Meridian Assessment), a modification of the EAV that measures only the major 40 endpoints of the Acupuncture meridians.

Within 2-3 minutes you get a detailed picture of the TCM meridian-related conditions of the body.

Furthermore, he has in practice an OPT to make tooth panorama, a thermographic camera to perform measurements of inflammatory focus.

More Labwork

The hair-mineral analysis is one of the most important measures for him, since he derived from their ratio of Na / K, the Na / K-ATPase and divides the metabolism in “fast / slow metabolizer”, resulting in different nutritional advice has – the evaluation and hints come from the laboratory ARL and follow the book by Lawrence Wilson, which is unfortunately only to get second hand (I’ve got the last reasonably cheap by 40, -).

The treatment then takes place with normal antiparasitic drugs and possibly antibiotics and tooth repair, especially the root canal treatments have to go.

Of course, Simon re-evaluates the treatment with the EAV device: all meridians must balance each other when the medication comes along.

The results are simply spectacular: each of the patients we interviewed came in stable disease or full-remission, I have not experienced a single practice with such a high success rate!

example of a cancer patient in the training

Example of a cancer patient

One year ago, a student of the course had very advanced lung cancer with multiple brain metastases, lung and liver metastases, and multiple bone metastases.

The cancer was biopsied and EGFR genes positive, so the diagnosis is beyond doubt. Giotrif or a similar kinase inhibitor was given, chemo was out of the question because of the advanced condition, the skull was (I think) irradiated.

Dr. Yu had his root canal treatments removed, rehabilitated the hidden toothpits (cavities) and carried out an intensive parasitic cure. In addition, he received 2x / week 60g VitC as an infusion.

At the time of the seminar, the participant was “healed”, i. metabolic in the last 3 PET studies inconspicuous in the CT, there is only a single 2-millimeter-large hearth in the brain (in the PET not), but this has been stable for a long time.

The patient is great, he works again as a lawyer. The woman of this student is a doctor and has confirmed the entire course of treatment.

Dr. Yu also did not expect this surprising results of doing “immun-therapy by removing parasites” when he opened his praxis. So he named his book “Accidental Cure”.



in July 2019 his New Book arrives – Accidential blow up – really a very great source of information filled with unbeliefable cases:



US authorities have “pardoned” him

Usually, such effective doctors in the US are shut down, professionally banished or simply brushed off,

Bioenergetic Testing is pretty much banned in the US.

Of course Dr. Yu was sued (for flimsy, ridiculous reasons). Only the fact that he was 25 years military doctor in the rank of true colonel has saved him the practice, the lawsuit was “stopped” (but not finished).


Dr. Yu’s approach

An appointment with Dr. med. Yu lasts a maximum of 1h, but mostly only 40 minutes, follow-ups are rarely longer than 30 minutes. During this time, he tests bioenergetically and asks specific questions. He does numerous laboratory tests, heavy metals, hair analysis, blood and especially teeth-care are obligatory. Dr. Yu himself has an OPG for a tooth

In all the patients we observed, 1) Parasite cure 2) Teeth 3) Gallbladder flush was the central therapy.

The Liver / bile / kidney support etc. he gives automatically without specifically measuring them.

He expects 50-80% improvements in the timeframe of a year – essentially of all complaints that exist.

With this parasite cure, the true colonel seems to have found something that is a hidden key to the health of almost all chronic patients.

He is very definite and confident, a colonel indeed, at the same time we always could observe his real love for the patient, the profession and his urgent desire to move on and improve.

After having seen Colonel Yu his staff will explain the therapy to the patient and give further instructions, take measurements, draw blood or give infusions. Overall, the patients are several hours in the office, we had the impression.

Several times, the bioenergetic AMA measurement was non-conclusiv, as all meridians seemed balanced. For this situation Dr. Yu uses the so-called “advanced interrogation technique” – obviously some Army Stuff – where he puts needles into the patient (Acupuncture). Immediatly the measurement results change significantly.

Simon is currently measuring Lenna Retzek, you also see Dr. Sunny Chen and Dr. Keith Lorado – Trainees that listen interested


Dr. Yu’s diagnosis and therapy approach in Austria

we have been trained and certified by Dr. Yu and offer his course of treatment in our office in Austria.

The corresponding antiparasitic agents we have available in a nearby pharmacy. 


further course with Dr. med. Yu

Colleagues who want to join the course next year can contact me! The course itself is expensive (about 1000) for europeans – not in US-prices though, but includes all food.

Flights cost about 700 from Europe, with rental cars + hotels and restaurants is all in all on 2300, –

Here Simon publishes the course dates.

being a patient of dr. Yu

Dr. Yu persuaded me get myself treated by him “as a patient”, “only so you can really learn what this therapy means”.

The energetic input measurements (2 different HRV, whole body test similar to Vitalfeld, BIA, thermography) showed that I have a biological age of 39 at my current age of 55, so actually I seemed to be 15 years younger despite my BMI of 40 but – beside my horrific overweight I seem to be quite healthy!

Hair mineral analysis, laboratory values, heavy metal testing (first 10min on 8 Hz shaker plate, then DMPS i.v., then 60g VitC + 1000mg glutathione i.v.) and Food Allergy are still pending.

I had to visit a dentist specializing in craniomandibular dysfunction because the test showed a bite defect. About this doctor – Dr. med. Willies – I will write separately he found a deep gum pocket and tested that I have quite often sleep apnoe. Alone for that information the flight to St. Louis has been worthwhile!

Of course, the EAV measurement then reported on the gall bladder meridian and pancreatic parasite, so I’ll be on a 5er combination in the near future and can perform many gall bladder flushes – thank you very much!


further pages

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  1. Dear Helmet, i am a friend a colleague of Shabir Pandor, have been managing tape worm/eggs and many other parasites that have migrated from gut to all other systems. I am a kinesiologist and have an Asyra machine whereby i make up rife frequency drops in order to negate all my symptoms, fatigue, rashes, itching, memory problems, vision, aches, loss of weight, irritability, black circles under my eyes etc. i was initially infected about ten years ago now and have been trying to live/manage this issue. I want to find a more permanent solution. Is the medication route that has been created by Dr Yu having permanent results. The antibiotic protocol is pretty intense/heavy for a system that is weak and so if i put myself through 30 days or more of four or five antibiotics i would like it to have a chance of being a permanent cure. i have three route canals, one has a contained infection that i also negate with rife. I want to be free of all this, I’m 52yrs. Many thanks Jo Kendrick

    • we see permanent improvement in 1/3 of the treated patients. Dr. Yu starts the parasite treatment befor the teeth but he definitly finds the teeth the most important parts. He says that the healing is much better if the cavitations are free of parasites. He measures the medications individually using “Meridian Asessment” which is some kind of bioenergetic test.
      He was many years treating just with biological remedies – his expierience as a Full Colonel of US-Army going down to south-america treating parasites with mebendazole and reaching fantastic improvements helped him to overcome his obvious resistance to use real medications.
      Maybe you try the audible book of Yolanda Hadid about her lime story – Best regards to Shabir and of cours to you Joe and beautiful lovely UK! Heli

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