update to the Electric Universe, Sun observations by Ben Davidson as SuspiciousObservers and Antigrav technology of the Navy as presumably man-made UFOs


For years I follow the thesis of the Electric Universe

just elegant, immediately insightful, just right. Can essentially predict universe and also confirm experimentally. The result is stark and strong changes in our current ideas of the universe:

  • The leading force that shapes the universe is electromagnetism.
  • Plasma currents are the electrical wires in the universe, charged particles move in s.g. Birkland streams (self-focusing plasma streams)
  • Plasma is mostly in “dark mode”. invisible, only at peak concentrations it switches to the glow mode (fluorescent tube) and becomes visible, in short circuits in the flash mode and now forms suns and planets
  • Electrically charged particles that move produce magnetic fields. Electrically charged particles attract or repel each other: this force is 10 ^ 36 times higher than gravity, so that the electric attraction between proton – electron at the same distance as Pluto is the same as the gravitational attraction between proton – solar mass.

The idea that electromagnetism and its forces play no role (currently prevailing dogma) is simply ridiculous, downright embarrassing.

  • Suns and planets such as comets and so on are condensed in the plasma matter clumps, which are charged like capacitors by continuous supply of plasma currents.
  • The whole “universe” of the “Electric Universe” is very diverse and can not be written in a few key words. Since I observe it there are the following scientific confirmations:
  • Comets, like asteroids, are simple clumps of rock (Rosetta-> p57), the comet’s tail is an electric balancing charge that is radiated when two unequally electrolytically statically charged masses approach each other.
  • Planets and moons are electromagnetically connected (Jupiter -> Titan / Io)
  • the sun is a plasma-radiating body (Safire Project 2017, Safire Update 2018, Safire Project 2019)
  • Earthquakes are also electrical phenomena in the earth’s crust and can be detected from satellites via electrical charge peaks
  • etc, etc. -> here comes a lot together

in the videos of the Electric Universe by Thunderbolts Project, there is also a mixture with archeology / anthropology: the legends of ancient peoples and their drawings (carvings and carvings) worldwide are checked for similarity and they mean matches with plasma To perceive events in the solar system. This goes back to Imanuel Velikovski’s interesting work “Worlds in Collision”

B009JJ350K [/ asa]

in which Velikovski argues very convincingly by looking at many myths worldwide, that there must have been a worldwide disaster about 6000 years ago, which was registered by all people worldwide: Saturn was captured as a roaming dark red sun in the solar system and the compensation of the now occurring electromagnetic Tensions within the planet series resulted in gigantic plasma flashes between the planets, which were visible as typical plasma figures in the sky and were interpreted as “war of the gods”.

These anthropological references have little to do with the cosmology of the Electric Universe as practiced by the scientists of the Thunderbolts Project group, but it is worth considering!


Safire Project – the sun rebuilt in the laboratory

Substantial publications as presentation of the Safire Team, a group of scientists belonging to Thunderbolts projects
real serious and expensive scientific work

Video presentation about Safire - the mini sun - scientific work









Sun Observation – Ben Davidson – SuspiciousOberservers

Bens Suspicious Oberservers Youtube is the first in the morning when I wake up. With it I feed my constantly active spirit: SuspiciousObservers is a daily new update on new scientific studies in the field of cosmology, astronomy and solar research. Highly interesting, 3 minutes to clear the head!

The state of the “new science” of cosmology

Here is Ben Davidson’s last major project, which he co-edited in the fall of 2019. Ben attaches great importance to scholarship and collaborates with university scientists, who also speak regularly during lectures.

Series 2019 Cosmology by Ben Davidson




old talk by Ben Davidson from 2015



Here is a post from 2018 about the pole change is imminent



Dark matter is an unproved myth

billions are invested to detect dark matter, a mathematical mathematical quantity introduced to explain objective observations of galaxy movements that can not exist on the pure gravitational model without having large amounts of invisible matter holding them together.

Unfortunately, all experimental observations have failed so far. Dark matter is a myth. One learns best over it over the daily Youtubes of Ben Davidson, which quotes all studies to it regularly.

If, apart from gravitation, electromagnetism also comes to bear as a cohesive force in the galaxies, no dark matter is necessary. The fact that electromagetism exists in space has become widely accepted, giving up a dogma is also very difficult in cosmology.




and so on, here’s the link to get a lot more videos on the subject.



well, now it will be offside – many readers will not be able to follow me anymore, but it fits in thematically best here.

TR-3B – black Science – Antigravity Technology

TR3B Spacecraft is still known as “UFO” sightings, but is a hidden technology of the US Army.

But in 2016 there is an official US NAVY patent for this Antigravitality drive (in fact, it can only reduce gravity by about 90%, but builds around the aircraft its own space-time field so that impossible maneuvers become possible because there is no acceleration and no real gravity within this field.

Original drawing from the patient application of the NAVI.

 (c) Patent of the NAVY – copeit from Blog post from UK (Metro.co.uk)

Antigravity is generated by circulating circulating currents in the giga-heart area in a mercury gas that is under high pressure and very low temperature.


There are numerous sightings and meanwhile some TV reports from the USA, just do your own research on Youtube




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