Case report: “cure” of incipient dementia with vermouth

Patient comes about 2016 to us from Germany because of “Dingsda” and “Dingsda”. She tries to explain that she actually loses her memory in recent months. I give her a very clearly indicated homeopathic remedy and expect a slowing down of the disease-course. It is very rare to reverse such a clear limitation of memory, a beginning dementia.

When she comes back after 2 months, her memory has improved so much, that I realize that this has not happened because of my treatment.

“What else did you do?” – “Nothing, I just took your treatment” –

“That can not be, I know what I can deliver with my treatment, that’s so much better now, you must have done something else in addition”.

Vermouth wine degummed her brain

“I remembered that my mother used to say that the vermouth degummed the brain.

Because of that, I went to the pharmacy and bought vermouth wine, so every day I drink a glass of it in the evening “.


Vermouth = Artemisia absinthia

Artemisia (annua or Absinthia) is a natural Borrelia antibiotic among many other health related actions.

Dementia is rather often a neuroborreliosis like Dr. Alan MacDonald and Dr. Judith Miklossy clearly proved.

In fact, as we got the reference how she got her memory improvements by vermouth we could test her bioenergetically and actually found foci of borrelia in her brain in 2 places.

Consequently, we supported the effect of wormwood with several months of antibiotic therapy and other anti-borreliosis-effective herbal remedies such as cistus, Japanese knotweed, Karde, etc., etc. Here we like to use the Lee Cowden protocol of cycling natural remedies.

Well, after another 3 months, the patient came by again:

“Actually Doctor, I’m just coming to please you, actually I do not need the appointment because I’m completely healthy again!”

it was overwhelming to experience that!

One-year mugwort now prohibited by EU

one year Artemisa annua, a wormwood-like plant that shows even more pronounced antibacterial and antiparasitic effects – was banned in the US a few months after the Nobel Prize for this unbelievably effective herb was given.

Yesterday, the worm herb “Artemisia annua” was finally banned in the EU and all wonderful wormwood  herbal capsules disappeared.

Artemisia Absinthia (Vermouth) is – like the worm herb – a very powerful natural antibiotic against bacteria (Borrelia) and against parasites. 70% of all people (practically all who have a pet) are parasite carriers and the parasites also inhabit the organs, such as the liver, bile ducts, eyes, brain, etc., and then sometimes trigger reactions (inflammation).

Vermouth drink

Can you make yourself such a brain-degumming vermouth wine?

And what if you do not want to drink so much alcohol?


non-alcoholic “Vermouth”

normal vermouth wine

  • 1/16 l balsamic vinegar (or apple cider vinegar possible)
  • 1 large teaspoon of citric acid crystals
  • dilute to 1 l with water
  • White wine

or as a tasty alternative

  • aromatic sweet red wine such as Marsala or port or sherry (medium or sweet)

Add to the above liquid

  • 2 tsp wormwood dried
  • 1 teaspoon whole
  • 1 cinnamon stick

(for gourmet toppings: 5 capsules of green cardamom)

Mix together in a liter glass bottle (eg milk bottle), keep in the fridge for a few days, then dilute with carbonated water 1:10 (strain the required amount of the vermouth concentrate).

Tastes absolutely excellent,

Maybe you prefer it more or less citric acid or more or less water. The Sweet wines you just can sip undiluted.

Just fantastic!

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