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HPV – much worse than commonly known, what actually have I found that helps against this cancer promoting plague


When you go to PubMed to find out about studies regarding treatment of HPV, you’re surprised and scared:> 14,000 studies on HPV x treatment, and almost every one of them has anything to do with CANCER!

Allegedly the papilloma virus is only responsible for cervical carcinoma, we have learned. In fact, the studies show that it is crucial for many cancers.

For example, LUNGSCARCINOMA is associated with wart virus, as are squamous cell carcinomas of the mouth, tonsil, larynx, esophagus, and also in liver cancer, viruses have been found (see the many studies above).

Personally, I am of the opinion that, in the presence of a wart, there is an a priori systemic infection, which means that at any rate, the wart virus is distributed throughout the body and many systems – including internally – are affected by it.

Papilloma virus kills policeman protein p53

every cell internally has a watchdog, the p53. This protein gets information from all parts of the cell and if anything confusing or contradictory happens here, p53 pulls the rice line and activates the CASPASES, which cut the DNA of the cell, that’s it soon over with this cell, it dies – this process is called apoptosis.

the programmed death of a cell is an active process and is called apoptosis.

Apoptosis is energy-consuming and requires a functioning apoptosis system, especially an effective working p53.

Wartening of the cell block by certain “ONCOPROTEINES” called E6 and E7 the important policeman gene p53 and thus the apoptosis of cells,

should some mutation affect this jaded cell, no “leash” can be pulled and the cell cannot die.

Blocking p53 is the first and most important step in the development of most cancers

A flat wart commonly found on the hands and feet of children and young adults. They are caused by a type of human papillomavirus HPV (c) Fotolia_188975275_XS.jpg

any inhibition of warts virus is cancer-blocking

If one reads some of the studies, one sees that by warts inhibition (protein E6) the p53 is released and the cancer cell can die.

Any strategy that inhibits warts, therefore is also anti-cancer. Some of the many studies deal with the topic. Unfortunately, I have found very few studies with working treatment strategies against the wart virus.

Treatment options against papilloma viruses


These papers are the best I have found. Novirin and its proprietary gene-Eden-VIR are a mixture of biological flavonoids that are used for months to slowly expel HPV from the body.

GeneEden-VIR / Novirin is a patented botanical product that contains five natural ingredients: quercetin 100 mg, green tea extract 150 mg, cinnamon extract 50 mg, selenium 100 μg, and licorice extract 25 mg. ….

There are also studies

2018: clinical study on Novirin (FullTextPDF)
2017: Human papillomavirus (HPV): systemic treatment with Gene-Eden-VIR / Novirin safely and effectively clear virus (FullTextPDF)
2015: Novirin study compared to famvir / acyclovir for genital herpes (FullTextPDF)
The product can be obtained from the manufacturer’s website:

I did not find out the difference between Gene-Eden-VIR and NOVIRIN, the first was mixed in 2008, the second since 2014. Maybe you have to use both?

Resveratrol inhibits cancer by inhibiting warts oncoprotein E6

Resveratrol is a multi-talent, almost as good as curcumin. It inhibits cancer, also inhibits aging and much more. It has recently been found that it inhibits the warts protein E6 and thus the anti-cancer effect comes about (Study 2018)

HeLa cells – the worst cancer – curcumin + elagic acid

The HeLa cells of Mrs. Henriette Lacks are known in oncological research since the 50s and belong to one of the worst growing cancers, outbred from an explosively growing abdominal cancer, the wart protein E6 and E7 was found.

Curcumin + Elag Acid Together Can Inhibit Warts Oncoproteins Blocking HELA Cells (Study 2016)


ARtemisia Wikipedia

Chinese mugwort – can block E6 and E7 at p53

very exciting study on ARTEMISIA Argyri – the Chinese mugwort. Its ingredient can inhibit the nasal warts – oncoproteins E6 and E7 and their interaction with p53.  Study from April 2005

A total of 16 studies show that the active ingredient Jaceosidin from the mugwort plants (not only the Chinese, other Feuds are good) inhibit warts virus oncoproteins and have an anti-cancer effect. (Study Collection) – Maybe ARTESUNATE, which we use as biological chemotherapy, may be effective on jaceosidine and wart virus proteins?

There it is helpful to learn that the EU banned Artemisia annua (wormwood) in July 2019.

Querzetin inhibits E6 / E7 and thus the formation of cancer

In 2003, Querzetin is still referred to as “potent mutagen”, i. You should not take it in the long term untargeted as a dietary supplement. In the case of cancer, however, it seems to have good effects, especially in dentate cancers. Study 2003 – but only for HPV16 viruses, not for HPV18 (study 2005)

Epilobium parviflorum pasturing also inhibits prostate cancer cells via warts inhibition

Epilobium (c) Wikipedia – great bladder and Prostate herb

Surprisingly, the main remedy according Maria Treben against prostate cancer is small flower willow and its tea (english: hoary willowherb or smallflower hairy willowherb). In my hands, however, I have never seen success on prostate cancer, unfortunately.

But this study from 2003 shows that prostate cells are inhibited in growth by the extraction of small-flowered willow, especially if they are warts-transformed. Regarding Prostate Cancer I can refer to my Lemon-Peel-Smoothie and my Research to Dandelion-Root-Powder. My DAD treated his prostate cancer just using this 2 natural remedies and could stay alive for > 7 years though having advanced metastatic cancer, his PSA dropped under that treatment from 300 to 100 (and he finally died of dementia and week heart in the age ov 87). The english versions of my research-pages to lemon and dandelion still await translation, I am sorry.


Nit-Ac C3 inhibits squamous cell carcinoma and colon carcinoma

Fotolia “Homeopathy” Fotolia_3550753_S.jpg

this information comes from the Indian homeopathic group Banerji and has been used by us in practice for years, we can confirm the data as “clinical observation” from our own cases (Retzek 2018, study 2018).

The referal to a talk-manuscript about the Banerji Group in India treating many diseases homeopathically has been forbidden by the Austrian Ministry of social affairs which tries to get rid of homeopathy. In this Manuscript I just cited pubmed research papers of Drs Prasanta Banerji sen. + junior together with the M.D.Anderson Cancer Center in Texas, Prof. Seth Pathak.



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